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TECEone markt

TECEone: in a class of its own

The ceramic specialist Üzeyir Aşıcı came to TECE from a well-known ceramic manufacturer and is dedicated to the TECEone unpowered shower toilet from A to Z, i.e. from the mould to the production process.

The message to the market: Production is now in full swing.

Making a ceramic toilet is a truly complex process. After all, the toilet is the most complex technical product that is usually made of functional ceramic. Between casting, drying, firing and glazing, the material constantly changes its dimensions – shrinkage of up to eleven per cent is typical. And afterwards the customer wants a perfect surface, a clean function – and last but not least a dimensionally stable product.

TECEone is particularly demanding in terms of production, says Üzeyir Aşıcı – which is also why it took time for TECE to get production under control: “At this shower toilet, ceramics repeatedly meet other materials that are absolutely dimensionally stable – such as the metal built-in thermostat fixture, the plastic shower arm or the permanently installed holder for the toilet seat”. Materials from the world of millimetres are combined with ceramics and their special characteristics. In addition, it has a sophisticated shape in the flushing area – really no flushing rim and an intelligent wall mounting. Aşıcı: “I've been in ceramics for 30 years – but this product is also in a class of its own in terms of manufacturing technology”.

TECEone has been manufactured in die casting and series production since 2018 – with a significant increase in the quantity of units. The initial problems have been solved and the product is now impressing in every respect, also from the series production point of view.

» The toilet with shower function is available on the market.