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WC-Betätigungsplatte TECEvelvet

Touch of magic: New TECEvelvet toilet flush plate

Geometric form meets velvet surface

Operating test interfaces to building services have always commanded the particular attention of planners, designers and architects – for good reason: light switches, door handles and fittings in kitchens and bathrooms communicate with the user through touch, functionally and aesthetically many times over the course of a day. The toilet flush plate also falls into this category of design-worthy operating interfaces. Konstantin Grcic, one of the greats of contemporary design, has now taken on the toilet flush. The name of the new collection is TECEvelvet.

Reaching for the door handle or pressing the flush button is a process that should not require conscious thought on the part of the user. Grcic's design goal was therefore specifically “not to disturb the unconsciousness of this routine”. For him, this was precisely the appeal of designing such an everyday routine product. TECEvelvet is the antidote to products that fail to explain themselves intuitively: for example exotic taps where the design does not communicate the function – and attempting to use them often causes confusion.

Look and feel redefined

The look and feel were the levers Grcic used when designing TECEvelvet: a simple, clear shape consisting of two geometric elements communicates the function of the water-saving dual-flush technology. The lines and proportions follow the aesthetic demands of contemporary architecture. The shape has been combined with FENIX NTM®, an innovative surface material that creates a velvety and visual sensory experience when operating this new flush plate. It is no coincidence that the new plate is called TECEvelvet, because the surface used here for the first time has a velvety feel and an extremely opaque appearance. In other words, the surface appears very matte because its nanostructure scatters the light instead of reflecting it back to the viewer. This light-absorbing effect creates a very high-quality aesthetic. 

In addition, TECEvelvet feels pleasantly soft and warm to the touch. This effect is supported by the technology behind the panel, as the two buttons are rubber-buffered - giving the user a rich and valuable feedback. At the same time, the surface is robust, hygienic and easy to clean. It is resistant to scratches and abrasion, as well as to acidic and common household cleaners. Not even fingerprints can be seen. Functionally and aesthetically, the material has already established itself in many kitchens and living rooms.

Drückerplatte TECEvelvet

System-compatible plate in a variety of colours

As a pioneer of flush-mounted flush plates, TECE has also considered the aspect of integrating TECEvelvet into the wall: the installation height of the new flush plate is just five millimetres in front of the wall. With the aid of a special installation frame, flush-mounted installation can also be achieved. This is particularly effective when TECEvelvet is recessed into a wall covering with FENIX NTM® using the same colour and material. FENIX NTM® is available as a sheet material in identical surfaces from specialist retailers.

Like all TECE flush plates, the new plate is compatible with the universal TECE cistern and can therefore be replaced in a technically upward and downward compatible manner within the modular TECE flushing technology, which makes renovation and modernisation easier - even years down the line. TECEvelvet measures 220 x 150 millimetres and is available in six current trend colours: Bianco Cos (white), Beige Arizona (greige), Castro Ottawa (beige-brown), Grigio Efeso (stone grey), Grigio Londra (anthracite) and Nero Ingo (black).

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TECEvelvet nimmt sich zurück und verleiht ihrem Bad dadurch Eleganz