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WC-Betätigung TECEsolid Elektronik
Makes public areas more hygienic: TECEsolid can be actuated without contact at a distance of around two centimetres and can also be easily retrofitted thanks to the new battery variant.

TECEsolid Toilet Electronics – Hygiene to Retrofit

Touch-free toilet flushes ensure more hygiene when actuated, especially in public and semi-public sanitary areas. In order to realise this hygiene advantage without costly renovation work, we now offer the robust TECEsolid toilet electronics as an uncomplicated retrofit solution using a battery. Instead of pulling power cables through the pre-wall or even milling cable slots, a 6-volt battery in the form of a long-lasting, waterproof and easy-to-replace battery pack is now sufficient.

TECEsolid is the first toilet flush ever to have a ToF sensor (ToF = Time of Flight). This comes from camera technology and is more precise than conventional infrared sensors, as it measures and interprets movements three-dimensionally and time-related and thus differentiates between movements in the room and hand and seat positions - unintentional flushing is thus avoided. If a person steps into the detection area, the tactile fields of the optionally programmable one- or two-quantity technology light up immediately and make the actuation easily recognisable even in the dark.

TECEsolid Teaser Bild
Popular in public areas for hygienic reasons: TECEsolid can be actuated without contact at a distance of around two centimetres.

The contactless actuation is not the only hygiene advantage of retrofitting to TECEsolid: an integrated hygiene flush for cold water pipes ensures regular water exchange in the drinking water installation. This prevents stagnation, so that harmful microorganisms cannot multiply. With the aid of the accompanying free app, a hygiene flush interval of 24, 56, 72, 168 or 336 hours can be selected.

The app also has an automatic report function. It saves the number of all flushing processes and documents the current settings and the last flush. The operator, who has a duty of care in accordance with VDI/DVGW 6023, can use it to prove that the drinking water system is operating as intended in case of doubt. The light intensity and duration of the button fields can also be programmed and the detection range of the sensor as well as a safety flush can be individually set.

TECEsolid in the 6-volt battery version is now available in brushed stainless steel with or without anti-fingerprint coating, in matt or shiny white, in shiny chrome and also in matt black.

You can see how easy it is to retrofit to TECEsolid in our explanatory video: