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Tackerplatte TECEfloor

No more jigsaw puzzles when it comes to insulating

TECEfloor tacking sheet

Insulating underfloor heating systems can be a tedious and lengthy affair, which can sometimes degenerate into a real jigsaw puzzle when the underfloor heating system has to be fitted in between electrical cables that have already been laid. Of course, this also has to take heat and sound insulation into account. To save time and nerves, there is now a clever addition to the range, the TECEfloor Flat2 tacking sheet, which is just two millimetres thick and provides a remedy in this scenario. The new polypropylene hollow-chamber tile can be easily laid on different insulation layers on site. This means the insulation work can be carried out independently of the installation of the underfloor heating system. Good for the installer, who saves a time-consuming work step.

The latest child from the TECEfloor family has even more advantages: the new tacking sheet is supplied in accordion- shaped continuous lengths folded to pallet size (1.2 x 48 metres). This saves on storage costs and transport volumes. The folded sheet can be laid out over the entire length of the room so there are no joints. The sheets only need to be glued together at the sides.

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TECEfloor Tackerplatte
The new TECEfloor tacking sheet can be laid on different types of insulation and attached to the insulation with
fixing hooks if required (for example in the room corners).