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Betätigungsplatte TECEvelvet Häuser des Jahres

Callwey awards the TECEvelvet actuator plate.

The TECEvelvet actuator plate was chosen as the solution of the year in the category Bathroom, Sanitary & Fittings as part of the "Houses of the Year Award 2021". The Callwey publishing house is honouring the most impressive and inspiring single-family homes for the eleventh time. The jury was particularly impressed by the ultra-soft feel and the resulting super-matt look.

Haptics and appearance are the two levers that designer Konstantin Grcic applied when designing TECEvelvet: a simple, clear form consisting of two geometric elements communicates the function of the water-saving dual-flush technology. The lines and proportions follow the aesthetic demands of contemporary architecture. The shape has been combined with FENIX NTM®, an innovative surface material that creates a velvety-sensory and visual-sensual experience when operating this new actuator plate.

Here you can find more information about TECEvelvet