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TECEdrainline - bodengleich

TECEdrainline – attractive without airs and graces

TECEdrainline – drains and accessories

Flexible, hygienic, reliable: right up to the drain, TECEdrainline offers details that make the tried and tested shower channel especially attractive for fitters and customers.

Die Verbindung von Ablauf und Duschrinne ist mit einem kräftigen Schnappverschluss ausgestattet, der beim Anstecken einfach zuschnappt.

Optimised for tough days on site

The connection of the drain and channel is fitted with a strong snap lock that simply snaps shut when attached. It creates a sealed and secure connection. Yet the drain can still be rotated.

Zum besonders einfachen Anschluss an die Ablaufleitung sind TECEdrainline-Abläufe um 360° drehbar.

Flexible all-round

TECEdrainline drains can rotate 360° for particularly easy connection to the drain line.

Der nachrüstbare Membran-Geruchsverschluss für TECEdrainline-Abläufe sorgt zusammen mit dem Sperrwasser für einen doppelten Siphoneffekt.

Doubly safe against odours

the retrofittable membrane odour trap for TECEdrainline drains together with the sealing water ensures a dual siphon effect. It minimises the evaporation of sealing water via its membrane and locks out nasties – especially suitable for rarely used showers.

Bei hartnäckigen Verstopfungen kann die Ablaufleitung mit einer kleinen Handspirale gereinigt werden.

Easy to clean

In the case of stubborn blockages, the drain line can be cleaned with a small pipe cleaner. A marking on the inside shows the location of the drain nozzle for this purpose.

Seitenansicht einer Duschrinneninstallation mit TECEdrainline

1 Sound decoupling, insulation
2 Edge insulation strips
3 Drain pot
4 Shower channel
5 Drain line
6 Screed
7 Combined sealing
8 Thin-bed tiling

Höhen der TECEdrainline-Installation
h1: Height of anti-capillary edge (15 mm) and floor covering
      (including sealing and tile adhesive)
h2: Height of drain includes shower channel, up to screed upper edge
h3: Height for sound insulation or insulation and drain line gradient

Drain as required

TECEdrainline drains are available in four variants for lateral connection as well as for vertical connection to the drain line. The drain trap is selected according to the drainage capacity required and the available floor installation height. The height for the floor insulation and the drain line gradient should also be considered when making a selection.

Drain h2*[mm] Performance [l/s]
extra-flat 53 0,5
flat 80 0,8
standard 105 0,9
max. 133 1,4
vertical 52 1,3

Drain extra-flat

TECEdrainline Ablauf superflach DN 40, Auslauf seitlich

TECEdrainline drain “extra-flat”, DN 40, side drain
Performance 0.5 l/s for rotatable assembly with the channel body, with removable siphon immersion pipe

Drain max

TECEdrainline Ablauf max DN 70 Auslauf seitlich

TECEdrainline drain „max“ DN 70, side drain
Performance 1,4 l/s, drain rotates 360°, with removable siphon immersion pipe

Drain flat

TECEdrainline Ablauf flach DN 50 Auslauf seitlich

TECEdrainline drain „flat“ DN 50, side drain
Performance 0,8 l/s, Drain rotates 360°, with removable siphon immersion pipe

Drain vertical

TECEdrainline Ablauf senkrecht DN 50

TECEdrainline drain „vertical“ DN 50
Performance 1,3 l/s, drain rotates 360°, with removable siphon immersion pipe

Drain norm

TECEdrainline Ablauf Norm DN 50 Auslauf seitlich

TECEdrainline drain „standard“ DN 50, side drain
Performance 0,9 l/s, drain rotates 360°, with removable siphon immersion pipe

TECEdrainline accessories

The TECEdrainline range offers a wide assortment of accessories for easy assembly and functional enhancement.

TECEdrainline Montagefüße zur einfachen Höhenausrichtung und Positionsfixierung der Duschrinne

Assembly feet
Assembly feet to make it easy to adjust the height of the channel body and fix the position during shell assembly. Available in the heights 94 to 142 mm and 139 to 182 mm.

Schallschutzmatte Drainbase zur Montage unter schwimmendem Estrich im Bereich von bodenebenen Duschen oder im ganzen Bad.

Drainbase sound insulation mat
Sound insulation mat for assembly under floating screed in the area of floor-level showers or throughout the bathroom. To reduce plumbing noises and impact sounds and for impact sound
insulation for renovations and new buildings.

TECEdrainline Membrangeruchsverschluss mit innenliegender Dichtlippenmembran

Membrane odour trap
Plastic immersion pipe with inner sealing lip membrane as protection against evaporation, barrier against odour and vermin.

Haarsieb aus Edelstahl zum Einlegen in die TECEdrainline Duschrinne

Hair trap
Hair trap made of stainless steel, for fitting
into the TECEdrainline channel body.

TECEdrainline FireStop-Brandschutzset für die direkte Montage am Ablauf TECEdrainline DN 50 senkrecht.

FireStop fire protection set
For direct assembly on the TECEdrainline DN 50 vertical drain, for highly fire resistant partitioning of ceiling bushings in solid ceilings.