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Barrierefreies Bad von TECE
With pre-wall technology from TECE, bathrooms can be easily prepared for the changing comfort requirements of old age without losing the feel-good character of the room.

TECEprofil: Forward-looking bathroom planning starts with the pre-wall

As we get older, our physical mobility decreases and our demands for a comfortable home grow. That's why it’s advisable to think about tomorrow when planning the bathroom today. Pre-wall technology from TECE makes it easy to design a bathroom in a way that is suitable for the elderly and to prepare for future eventualities, while at the same time meeting the highest demands in terms of design and layout today.

Pre-wall technology as a quick, easy-to-install alternative to brick-wall construction, opens up planning freedom in terms of age-appropriate retrofitting, which can be implemented cleanly and simply. Section tube, corner joint and angle bracket form a stable, statically safe basic framework for free bathroom design. The sanitary modules used in this supporting structure add function. The range around the TECEprofil pre-wall system includes a series of solutions with which bathrooms can be converted to suit the needs of the elderly with little effort and good preparation.

Adjusting the toilet seat height as required

The optimum seat height, which can be as individual as the user’s body height and degree of mobility, is decisive for an age-appropriate toilet. With the TECElux 200 and 400 toilet modules, the seat height can be manually adjusted by up to 80 mm in just a few steps (with the factory setting, 20 mm downwards or 60 mm upwards). This can also be done retrospectively: if the user is still satisfied with a normal installation height at the time of installation, which is 400 to a maximum of 430 mm depending on the recommendation, this can be easily adjusted later without the need for time-consuming tiling work and cost-intensive conversion measures. The upper plate made of safety glass, which is fixed with two magnetic holders, just has to be opened to the front and then two lateral locks on the module frame need to be released. The height of the inner module frame is then adjusted using an adjusting screw located next to the opening of the cistern.

Höhenverstellbares WC-Terminal TECElux
With the TECElux toilet terminal, the seat height can be easily re-adjusted without the need for major construction work. The necessary adjusting screw is located behind the safety glass panel.

Retrofitting a shower toilet – no problem

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, it is advisable to leave open the option of converting to a shower toilet at a later date. Shower toilets are very popular among professional care workers because they make work easier, and they also give the person being cared for a bit of privacy in return. But even at home, anyone who has ever sat on a shower toilet is not prepared to miss out on the great benefits in terms of comfort and the advantages of gentle cleaning with water. Anyone wishing to postpone the decision on using a shower toilet for the time being should, however, already consider a temporary power connection to the toilet when renovating the bathroom. The comfort version of the TECElux 400 toilet terminal has additional connections for electricity and water, thanks to which changing from a normal ceramic to a shower toilet is no problem. The normal TECEprofil toilet module with universal cistern can also be retrofitted to electronic shower toilets as standard. The reinforced hose of the shower toilet is routed into the cistern via an empty pipe. A junction box is integrated in the connection box for the power supply.

Einfacher Anschluss von Dusch-WCs
The TECEprofil toilet module with universal cistern can be retrofitted as standard on electronic shower toilets thanks to an empty conduit for the reinforced hose and a connection box for the power supply.

Handrails as an option

If handrails are ever needed on the toilet to make sitting down and getting up easier, they can be easily retrofitted in a pre-wall system with the right advance planning. In order to be able to support the full body weight, a stable and secure attachment is required. Here, TECE offers attachment plates for lateral installation on the toilet module. The plates are made of waterproof, multi-bonded wood inlay panel in accordance with DIN 68705, on which the handles can be positioned as required. The statically safe TECEprofil pre-wall system gives the handrails the necessary load-bearing capacity.

Accessibility at the washstand

The central point of a bathroom is the washstand. A siphon below the washstand is an obstacle that makes it difficult for wheelchair users to use. With the 1120 mm high TECEprofil washstand module with flush-mounted odour trap, the siphon can be elegantly hidden in the pre-wall and the washstand remains conveniently accessible from below. The usual washstand height is 850 mm; occasionally, the washstand is also installed at 900 mm. For wheelchair users, however, the optimal height is 800 mm. You therefore need to find a good height compromise for the anticipated living situation.

Quick and easy planning

To enable precise planning of TECEprofil sanitary walls the housing technology specialists from Emsdetten in Germany offer the well structured and easy-to-use TECEsmartwall software. This is an online software which allows the planning and layout of the sanitary modules to be started directly on the construction site via smartphone or tablet. It has a clear programme structure that is easy to use after just a short period. For the actual wall planning, only the desired construction type (ceiling-high, half-high, corner solution, etc.) needs to be selected and the wall dimensions entered. The TECEprofil wall can be equipped with all of the installation groups and sanitary modules from the TECE portfolio in a photo-realistic depiction with various perspectives. At the same time, a material and cutting list for production as well as a list with quantities and prices are automatically generated. This makes it possible to create a quotation based on the customer’s requirements in a minimum of time.

Einfache Planung von Sanitärwänden
Planning sanitary walls is child's play with the well structured TECEsmartwall user software.