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Dusch-WC TECEneo Installation
With the help of the design retrofit panel, a conventional standard toilet without a power connection can easily be converted into a comfortable and hygienic shower toilet - with virtually no dirt or time-consuming drilling work.

The TECEneo shower toilet: simple installation for maximum hygiene

The TECEneo shower toilet is a prime example of innovative technology that works without electricity and without complicated electronics, motorisation and remote control. The water for cleaning comes directly from the tap and sets standards in terms of convenience. The result is a particularly gentle and thorough cleaning experience. Operation is intuitive: the water temperature and volume can be regulated continuously by simply turning the knobs on the side of the ceramic. The shower toilet is optionally available as a hot water version or as a cold water version only. In this case, a hot water connection is not even required. This makes it particularly suitable for refurbishment or even retrofitting. A specially developed retrofit design panel is available for this purpose. This makes the shower toilet suitable for any bathroom and a sensible and comparatively manageable investment for more hygiene in the bathroom or guest toilet.
The effortless installation of the TECEneo allows tradespeople to save both time and effort. There is no need for time-consuming installation of tanks, power connections or boilers and no time-consuming preparation work is required, so the shower toilet can be installed within 30 minutes. The clever packaging including installation aid is particularly easy on the back. The ceramic itself is then simply pushed onto the threaded rods in the wall - the seat attachment is also pre-assembled. The shower function of the TECEneo shower toilet is controlled by the water pressure, with the hot water coming directly from the pipe. The shower bar in the centre is activated and extended by the water pressure alone. The water temperature and volume can be continuously adjusted using two rotary knobs on the side of the ceramic, making it easier to customise the system to the customer's individual needs. In addition to the uncomplicated installation, the product fulfils the highest standards in terms of safety, including an integrated backflow preventer in accordance with DIN EN1717. The absence of electronics and motorisation makes the shower toilet extremely durable and low-maintenance and ensures trouble-free operation. What's more, there is no need to read the operating instructions or spend time familiarising yourself with the functions. This ensures satisfied customers.

Retroffiting made easy

The requirements that specialist tradespeople often face are multifaceted, especially when modernising existing bathrooms. Customers have various expectations and wishes that need to be fulfilled. With the TECEneo shower toilet, there is a unique product on the market: timeless and aesthetic in design and with the possibility of remarkably simple integration, which can be realised regardless of the structural conditions. Although the TECEneo shower toilet is available with a hot water connection, there are often situations in which it is not possible to lay a hot water pipe, for example in existing properties or as part of a renovation project. In such cases, the TECEneo in the cold water version emerges as a remarkable alternative. And with the help of a retrofit design panel, a conventional standard toilet without a power connection can easily be converted into a comfortable and hygienic shower toilet. This conversion requires no time-consuming building and tiling work, drilling or chiselling and causes virtually no dirt, making installation extremely straightforward. The retrofit design panel is a sandwich panel that is especially suitable for damp rooms and has various guide grooves on the back for the water connection. This means that the entire technology remains concealed behind the elegant surface. The retrofit design panel impresses both visually and functionally with a velvety matt anti-fingerprint surface made of abrasion- and scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate, which is not only stylish but also extremely easy to clean.

Conclusion: The TECEneo shower toilet is a good choice for both initial installation and conversion to a shower toilet using a retrofit plate. Installation is extremely uncomplicated, quick and clean. Elaborate construction and tiling work is not required, even in the case of renovation and retrofitting. This means time savings and manageable costs, and ultimately satisfied and grateful customers who are presented with a high-quality solution that meets their needs, regardless of the structural conditions.

Here you can find more information about easy retroffiting.

Dusch-WC TECEneo