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TECEflex Druckluft
No drop in pressure: TECEflex does not require O-rings in the connections, which could swell up from grease and oil in the compressed air installations.

TECEflex: Software-based compressed air calculation made easy

The planning of a compressed air installation is considered difficult. Depending on the consumer, the volume flow must not fall below certain minimum values so that the pressure actually arrives that is needed. In order to provide assistance here, the ZVPLAN planning software now offers the option of correctly dimensioning compressed air installations in a simple manner with TECEflex.

"Until now, it was difficult to find a software that allowed a practical compressed air calculation. ZVPLAN finally provides a remedy here in its usual intuitive manner," says Jürgen Vossenberg from Technical Sales at TECE. To draw a plumbing diagram, all elements are simply selected using the drop & go technique and placed on the drawing surface. There is a library with different consumer types for which the air flow rate can be individually selected, another with different pipe materials, plus the option of calculating the nominal pipe diameters and a detailed list of materials and installation parts.

ZVPLAN is a planning tool for the trade and includes many functions for daily planning work. During the development of ZVPLAN, special emphasis was placed on fast processing and easy handling. For example, energy-efficient and subsidy-compliant planning can be carried out without extensive training.

A major advantage of TECEflex, particularly for compressed air installations, is also the O-ring-free connection technology. O-rings are considered the weakest link in the installation chain here. Oils and greases in the compressed air installation can cause them to swell and lead to leaks and thus to a drop in pressure. The materials of the TECEflex system are insensitive to this.

TECEflex is considered the classic among sliding sleeve systems. Almost 30 years after its market launch, it still meets customers' requirements for fault-tolerant processing and maximum reliability - in all areas of application. The all-round system is the only one with multi-layer composite pipe that can be used for drinking water, heating, gas and compressed air.