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Ferndiagnose TECE
Innovative and uncomplicated: Online support from TECE

A smartphone is all it takes: Customer service, digitally and quickly “on site”

Problem-solving by remote diagnosis / Digitally and without long waiting times / No additional app required

We introduced an innovative, smart solution that uses video-based remote diagnosis to support its trade partners with service calls and troubleshooting. What makes it so special? The digital system is very easy to use on smartphones, tablets or PCs theres no need to install any additional software. Whats more, the possibilities offered by this service go far beyond pure video telephony: With the aid of a virtual pointer and a board for exchanging data, the experts from TECE are digitally on sitewithout any fuss in line with the TECE philosophy close to you.

At what time technical support can be provided by a manufacturer often depends on the journey time and how busy the service staff are especially in the current crisis. Coordinating appointments on its own wastes valuable construction time, which ultimately affects the bottom line. To avoid taxing the clients patience and trust, we recently started offering a browser-based online tool for direct communication and fast, targeted assistance: The situation is easier to clarify, waiting and journey times are minimised and any duplicate visits are avoided.

Targeted troubleshooting liveon the smartphone

A team of specialists from all TECE product ranges can get an idea of the situation on site for themselves with the new remote diagnosis service performed via the fitters smartphone camera. The experts provide explanations about products, propose a solution and, if necessary, order a spare part. All thats needed to use the service and get virtual assistance from the TECE specialists at the scene of the action is a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. Maik Hoppe, head of Quality Management Field at TECE, who introduced the system with his team, explains: The most important thing for us when choosing the system was to avoid any additional cost to the customer and for us to be able to connect to each other without having to install an app. Another major criterion was being able to work in multiple languages, as we also use the system abroad. It functions reliably at low bandwidths starting at 3G.

Marking with "virtual pointer"

Ferndiagnose mit virtuellem Pointer
With the "virtual pointer" certain places can be marked.

Communication is browser-based via secured channels an app or other aids are not required. When a customer service request is made and a remote diagnosis has been agreed to, a simple link is sent by SMS or email that gives the fitter access to the live visit. The craftsman then documents the problematic installation situation by video, the live TECE support helps identify the fault and can mark the areas in question with a virtual pointer. This is mirrored on the screen, which makes it easier for the customer and expert to find their way around the product. If necessary, screenshots can also be exchanged and the assembly instructions sent over. The big advantage of video-based customer support lies mainly in the visual components: Thanks to the direct view of the installation situation and the virtual pointer, many of the circumstances no longer have to be explained and described in detail. This prevents misunderstandings and saves valuable time. Having successfully resolved the issue, the solution is documented and the case is closed. If a solution could not be found, a site visit in person will be arranged.

What matters to us is that we maintain and constantly develop our quality promise for all products and services. This offering puts us amongst the pioneers on the sanitary market in the present situation and in the future, we believe thats the right way to demonstrate our closeness to the customer,says Maik Hoppe. We now have the comprehensive opportunity to support our clients around the world quickly and without delay. In most cases in the test phase, we were able to help immediately and without having to make a site visit. In more complex situations, remote diagnosis makes it easier to take further action.

The possibility of the new remote diagnosis service can be made via the existing contact to our field service, by phone or by e-mail to