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2021 hat TECE das TECEprofil WC-Modul mit Universalspülkasten mit cleveren Produkt-Upgrades aufgerüstet. Damit wurden Anregungen aus dem SHK-Handwerk für eine noch schnellere, einfachere und sicherere Montage umgesetzt.

TECEprofil toilet module in practical testing

A year ago, TECE upgraded the TECEprofil toilet module with universal cistern with clever product upgrades. Suggestions from the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning trade were implemented for even faster, simpler and safer installation. Now it's time to ask the experts how the improvements have performed in practice: Felix Berning is part of the management team of the family-run crafts company Haustechnik Berning in Minden (NRW).

As uncomplicated as a can of chewing gum

Der Zip-Verschluss des Installationstunnels lässt sich passgenau abtrennen.

The new installation tunnel with zip closure protects the opening of the cistern even more effectively from construction site dirt and the tradesman from injuries caused by cuts. Felix Berning: "After tiling the wall and removing the polystyrene pipe protection, the installation tunnel is simply pulled off to the required depth. This saves quite a bit of time because with the zip fastener you don't need sharp tools that you have to handle carefully so as not to damage the tiles."

Cleanly into the future

Der neue Rohbauschutz aus Styropor bewahrt die Anschlussgarnitur des WC-Moduls vor Verschmutzung während der Bauphase.

The new polystyrene shell protection protects the connection set of the toilet module from dirt during the construction phase: flush and waste water connections as well as the shower toilet connection box, which is also new, with an empty pipe for the reinforced hose and a junction box for the power supply thus remain clean until use. Felix Berning sees another advantage, especially in the cooperation with the tiling company: "When tiling is carried out on the shell protection, there is enough space to easily retrofit a shower toilet at some point. 
In the past, one or the other tile had to be removed in such cases, which of course costs time.

Reach your goal quickly with easy fit

Die Montage der Betätigungsplatte geht mit dem neuen easy fit- System ganz einfach von der Hand – ohne Nachjustieren und Abmessen.

The installation of the flush plate is very easy with the new easy fit system - without readjusting and measuring. Felix Berning: "The new mounting system for the flush plates was very well appreciated by my staff. The screws are only inserted and tightened with a few turns and the mounting frame fits perfectly. This saves about two-thirds of the working time when attaching the actuation."

Experts' opinion

Free choice

The TECEprofil toilet module has undergone some practical upgrades, but tried and tested features have of course remained: The universal cistern, which bears its name not by chance, is still compatible with all flush plates from TECE. Combination with and without easy fit is also guaranteed. The universality within the range offers the customer free choice and also makes bathroom sales easier. Tim Baral, Managing Director of Baral Bad & Heizung in Denzlingen, explains why.

"I don't make life unnecessarily difficult for myself," answers Tim Baral when asked why he offers toilet flush plates from TECE in his 700 m2 bathroom exhibition. "With the TECE portfolio, there is usually something for everyone. And when the customer decides on a model, I don't have to worry about which cistern fits." Tim Baral knows what he's talking about: He is the third generation to run his craft business. His father-in-law started selling complete bathrooms in 1980, which was a pioneering achievement at the time.

"In most cases, the decision as to which flush plate to choose is made on an emotional level. The designs are clear and typical, so that the customer often decides at first glance and there is something for every taste. Usually, the only question that remains is the surface material." Thanks to the range of possible colours, shapes and materials, the right model is quickly found for every ambience.