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Auf Wunsch übernimmt TECE die Inbetriebnahme und die Wartung der TECEprofil WC-Module mit integrierter Hygienespülung

TECE expands its solutions for drinking water hygiene

With the TECE hygiene cistern and the electronic flush plates TECEsolid for toilets and TECEfilo for urinals, planners, installers and operators are always on the safe side when it comes to drinking water hygiene: without any flushing plans, complex installation or additional inspection openings. With an open ear for the wishes of the market, TECE has now expanded its solutions for drinking water hygiene and integrated them even more.

TECEfilo: urinal actuation becomes a smart team player

TECEfilo is an electronic urinal flush that not only ensures touch-free hygiene, but also hygienic water exchange in cold water networks thanks to programmable functions. A new feature of TECEfilo is that flush volumes and flush intervals can now also be set digitally via the TECEsmartflush area of the free TECEsmartcontrol app, as soon as the user is within the detection range of the urinal actuation plate.

This means that the electronic urinal actuations can be easily put into operation and adapted to the individual needs of the user. The previous method with magnetic keys and acoustic signals is thus obsolete. For the installer, this means time savings as well as more clarity and safety when commissioning or maintaining the urinals. 

In order to identify the respective urinal in a series installation, the TECEsmartcontrol app offers an object search with a practical valve test. Detected actuations can be named individually, which facilitates re-identification in the event of maintenance. The option of encrypting each individual actuation ensures a high level of security, so that unauthorised persons cannot access the control of the electronics. Both also apply to the TECEsolid toilet push plate and each hygiene flush unit integrated in the cistern.

Depending on the product, parameters such as detection range, lighting duration, pre-flush, safety flush or interval flush and cleaning function can be set. A log function enables the operator to read out the number of flushes and the time of the last flush or interval flush. The protocol can be exported in PDF format and processed further.

In order to simplify the ordering process and stock-keeping for trade and craftsmen, the structure of the TECEfilo range has also been made more modular. From now on, the 17 design sensor trims and the valve unit will be ordered separately as mains or battery variants and only combined with each other during installation. This halves the number of articles, simplifies stock-keeping and thus generally increases availability.

TECEprofil toilet module with integrated hygiene flush: Transformer now always with you

The TECEprofil toilet module with integrated hygienic flushing has significantly simplified drinking water hygiene and has received the German Design Award and the German Innovation Award 2021 for this. For this purpose, an additional hot water connection has been integrated into the cistern, as well as a compact module that can be programmed and controlled via the building management system or via Bluetooth using the TECEsmartcontrol app.

Particularly practical with the TECE solution: All associated components such as the Bluetooth module and now also the transformer are always included. This not only saves installation time, but also simplifies planning and ordering, as TECE has now harmonised its article numbers accordingly. All that needs to be done on site is to make the water connections and connect the transformer.

Trinkwasserhygiene TECE

As the TECE hygiene cistern is compatible with more than 200 flush plates from the TECE range, planners and fitters have plenty of freedom when advising the customer on the aesthetics in front of the wall - and always have the certainty that all the necessary parts for implementation behind the wall are available on site.

Saves time and resources: the TECE Field Service

Programming and commissioning the hygiene flushing units integrated in the cistern are intuitive and simple with the TECEsmartcontrol app. Nevertheless, there are situations in which it makes sense to entrust TECE service technicians with this task: For example, in property projects where a large number of bath units have to be commissioned in a short space of time - if on-site forces are deployed for this, it ties up valuable installation capacity that could be put to better use elsewhere. The same applies to regular maintenance of the flushing units. 

Here, the TECE Field Service offers a practical alternative, because the TECE service technicians are experienced and specialised in these tasks. The service saves time and personnel and is also easy to calculate, as it is charged at a flat rate per module and not according to expenditure.

On our TECEspotlight page you will find detailled information about this topic.