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TECEambia toilet flush plate

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Drueckerplatte TECEambia antibakteriell

TECEambia – the classic TECE flush plate

TECEambia toilet flush plate

The classic

Where it all began. The first toilet flush plate from TECE – and still current: the TECEambia for the dual or single-flush system.

Drueckerplatte TECEambia antibakteriell

With its stronger construction and curving lines, TECEambia continues the familiar form of the toilet flush plate. And in the process always harmonises with many modern toilet ceramics.


TECEambia in white is also available to order with antibacterial properties.

Product highlights

  • Classic design
  • Harmonises with many modern toilet ceramics
  • Easy-to-clean plastic
  • Available in an antibacterial version
  • For front or top actuation
WC-Betätigungsplatte TECEambia weiß (optional antibakteriell)

white (optional antibacterial)

WC-Betaetigungsplatte TECEambia Einmengenspuelung Chrom matt

Single flush system, matte chrome

WC-Betätigungsplatte TECEambia Chrom matt

Matte chrome

WC-Betaetigungsplatte TECEambia Einmengenspuelung Chrom glaenzend

Single flush system, Bright chrome

WC-Betaetigungsplatte TECEambia Zweimengenspuelung Chrom glaenzend

Bright chrome

WC-Betaetigungsplatte TECEambia Einmengenspuelung Weiss antibakteriell

Single flush system, white (optional antibacterial)