No fire through the wall or ceiling

To date, it has only been possible to use Rockwool pipe shell RS 800 to thermally insulate TECE's multi-layer composite pipes. Following intensive fire resistance tests the Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute (MPA) based in Braunschweig, Germany, issued a general building code test certificate (AbP), which means the pipe shell can now also be used as pipe penetration seals R30 to R120 for TECEflex and TECElogo composite pipes. Professional installers no longer need to change materials at the wall and ceiling openings. That saves time and money.
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Toilet cleaning tablets are finding their way into the pre-wall installation

Many bathroom owners appreciate the effect of toilet cleaning tablets that dissolve in the cistern and clean the toilet ceramics with every flush. For concealed cisterns, TECE is now offering a simple tab insert solution that is universal for its cisterns, and can be retrofitted.
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Press Releases

Stainless steel designer flush plate: TECEsquare II optimises universality and ease of installation
TECE has updated the TECEsquare stainless steel toilet flush plate: The new model now fits directly onto the TECE cistern, without additional fittings. The size of the successful TECE model has been adjusted to the standard size of classic TECE flush plates.
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The pivotal point of the advice
Does it always have to be inexpensive? On the contrary – if added value can really be shown or explained, even in the case of price-sensitive customers this frequently leads to a successful sale, and to extended and additional orders. Sanitation, heating and air conditioning entrepreneur Andrea Kachelmann from Walsdorf shows how it is done – by means of the example of the toilet, and using TECElux.
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TECEdrainline shower channels

TECEdrainline shower channels
TECEdrainline shower channels clear the bathroom of any items that get in the way, such as shower tubs and cubicles, and make it possible to uniformly design the floor.
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TECE flush plates

TECE flush plates
TECE offers a range of design flush plates in materials such as metal, glass or plastic. All flush plates are compatible with the cisterns from TECE. Discover the variety.
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TECElux toilet terminal

TECElux WC-Terminal
TECElux unites four intelligent functions: Odour trap, touch actuation, dual flush and height adjustment. TECElux is the terminal for all toilet functions now, and in the future.
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