TECE drains certified sealed

All TECEdrainline shower channels and TECEdrainpoint S floor drains are now certified by the cross-standard Seal System test mark. Both shower channels and point drains were successfully certified in a large-scale combination test with composite seals from all renowned manufacturers.
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Acceptance campaign: commitment to the industrial location Northern Westphalia

Under the motto “In|du|stry – Together. Future. Life” numerous companies based in Northern Westphalia have joined forces. The aim is to strengthen the economy of the region in the long term. TECE has also joined the acceptance campaign, thus confirming its intention to continue investing in this region.
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Press Releases

Seminars for professionals and football fever
What do the Grundig Stadium in Nuremberg, the Weser Stadium in Bremen and the Imtech Arena in Hamburg have in common? They are all venues for TECE practical seminars. TECE invites participants to the big German football stadia. The topic for these events is Seal System and composite seals for point and linear drains. TECE is expanding its seminar program this year in order to meet information needs and is creating exciting thematic bridges between sports, architecture, and housing technology.
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A good partner for architects
To better network architects and industry is the declared objective of the BDA (Federation of German Architects). The idea behind the 2013 launched partnerships is to intensify dialogues with manufacturers of quality-oriented architectural products. Planners and architects will be able to get an early heads-up on innovative product solutions.
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TECEdrainline shower channels

TECEdrainline shower channels
TECEdrainline shower channels clear the bathroom of any items that get in the way, such as shower tubs and cubicles, and make it possible to uniformly design the floor.
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TECE push plates

TECE push plates
TECE offers a range of design push plates in materials such as metal, glass or plastic. All push plates are compatible with the cisterns from TECE. Discover the variety.
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TECElux toilet terminal

TECElux WC-Terminal
TECElux unites four intelligent functions: Odour trap, touch actuation, dual flush and height adjustment. TECElux is the terminal for all toilet functions now, and in the future.
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