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Das TECEflex Schibehülsen-Rohrsystem ist extrem verlässlich und fehlertolerant.

TECEflex - the reliable push sleeve system


The reliable push sleeve system - one for all


TECEflex ist ein Kunststoffrohr-Installationssystem mit umfangreichen Einsatzmöglichkeiten in der Haustechnik.

TECEflex is a plastic pipe installation system with extensive opportunities for use in housing technology. The red brass fittings are certified and approved for use with potable water, heating, gas and compressed air. The special construction of the TECEflex composite pipes also enables universal use The only exception is the yellow outer layer for the gas pipe. TECEflex is therefore a truly universally useable installation system.

  • Can be universally used for potable water, heating and compressed air installations "5 systems - one fitting"
  • O-ring free hygienic connection technology
  • Pipe and fitting with practically the same inner cross section
  • Thick-wall, kink-resistant composite pipes from 14 - 63 mm
  • Error-tolerant handling
  • Simple tools
  • Comprehensive range of fittings from 14 - 63 mm
  • PPSU fittings available in 16 - 40 mm as low-cost alternatives

TECEflex – reliable connections for 25 years

TECEflex - Rohr - flexibel

For 25 years, millions of pipe connections worldwide have been pressed with TECEflex, all using the same unchanged principle of axial pressing: The pipe is expanded and pushed over the fitting – the pressure sleeve secures everything. Nothing has changed in this underlying technology since the market launch of TECEflex. The scope of performance alone has been expanded through constant additions to the range.

Thus TECEflex became one of the few truly universal plastic installation systems on the market with the introduction of the large pipe dimensions up to 63 mm and the approvals for gas. Where necessary, the system has been adjusted to match new standards and requirements of law so that TECEflex is state of the art when it comes to safety.

Connection technology

The TECEflex pipes are permanently connected to the fittings using axial pressing technology. Only the pipe plastic is used as a seal. No additional aids such as O-rings or sealing tapes are required. The O-ring-free connection technology is very error-tolerant and especially hygienic.

To create a TECEflex technology, first the pipe must be expanded. The fitting is pushed into the prepared pipe and the sleeve is slid over the expanded pipe up to the fitting collar.

The TECEflex composite pipes are equipped with an electron beam networked PE-Xc internal pipe. The PE-Xc plastic is characterised by a particularly strong memory effect. This has the effect that the material of the expanded pipe shrinks back over the fitting nozzle. The pressure sleeve additionally secures this connection.

The advantages of the TECEflex connection technology at a glance

  • error-tolerant O-ring-free connection technology
  • specially hygienic connection since there are no gaps for water to stagnate in
  • low pressure losses as the internal diameter of the fitting and pipe are almost the same
  • the axial pressing technology comes with zero requirements for maintenance of the pressing technology Sleeve at the front - connection tight

Potable water installation

TECEflex - Trinkwasserinstallation

The TECEflex was accredited for its hygienic suitability for use with potable water with the DVGW approval and its long lifespan of at least 50 years was confirmed. A plus for the O-ring-free axial pressing technology: The connections are seamless and unhygienic stagnant water can´t form anywhere. 

The fitting materials used are approved throughout Europe.

TECEflex is suitable for all potable water installations.

Compressed air installation

TECEflex - Druckluftinstallation

TECEflex lets you create compressed air installations up the dimension 63mm. Plastic pipes have the advantage over metal pipes that compressed air supplies in operations can be quickly adjusted to new demands. 

The TECEflex is suitable for compressed air with these parameters

  • Nominal pressure 16 bar
  • Operating pressure 12 bar
  • Maximum peak operating temperature 60°C
  • Safety factor 1,3

Here the user handles the same TECEflex fittings and the same composite pipe as they do for the heating and potable water installation.

The O-ring-free connection technology means there is no restriction of the compressor oil used. TECEflex is thus an economical alternative to copper and steel. 

Heating installation

TECEflex - Heizungsinstallation

Whether the radiator is connected from the wall or from the floor, the TECEflex range offers a solution for every application scenario. Combinded with the junction fittings, radiators can be installed efficiently. 

The white composite pipes look good mounted or in manifold installations. Remnants or offcuts can be used in other trades, e.g. potable water installations.

TECEflex is DIN CERTCO certified for heating installation. 

Gas installation

Centrada - TECEflex Gas

With the appearance of the TRGI 2008, TECEflex can also be used in interior gas installations:

  • Relocation of complete home gas installations up to 100 mbar
  • TECEflex composite pipe in yellow signal colour
  • same metal fittings as for potable water, heating and compressed air installations, so no risk of confusion.

The gas lines can be laid without fiting from the roll through the shafts and cavities without the need for these to be ventilated. This makes TECEflex particularly interesting for the connection of attic heating centres and the simplified design support from TECE makes planning easier. 

TECEflex gas software for the dimension of gas installations to TRGI 2008.