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TECEone - refreshingly different

For questions:

Sense the absolute refreshment!

You know it, that sense of wellbeing that sets in right after a shower.

What if you could experience that pleasant feeling after using the toilet too? When a soft, warm water jet cleans gently and leaves nothing but the purest freshness?

TECEone – Das stromlose, spülrandlose Dusch-WC RU

Uncommonly good:TECEone!

Cleaning with warm water is becoming the new standard in intimate hygiene.

And no wonder, because it meets the very human need for cleanliness and freshness.

With its shower function, TECEone brings you pure refreshment after using the toilet. Simple. Comfortable.

And at an attractive price.

Video: TECEone Roadshow - short version

Fresh at the push of a button

Please take your seat for a new fresh feeling!
This is brought to you at the touch of the controllers that are mounted on the sides of the ceramics and are easy to reach.

How TECEone provides more comfort: through simple operability and uncomplicated technology in a modern design.

Turn the left-hand one and you can set a comfortable temperature, quickly and accurately.

You turn the dial on the right and you have precise control of the amount of water.

Water pressure pushes the shower arm out and away you go. Plenty of fresh warm water right from the tap. Sheer enjoyment!

Video: TECEone function

Tailored to you

TECEone not only shines with inner values - it looks great too!

Thanks to the timeless, elegant design, it integrates into any bathroom ambience and combines well with your existing bathroom furnishings. 

And because no electronics need to be installed, it's as economical on space as a normal toilet.

TECEone – das Dusch-WC im zeitlosen Design

Everything considered

Hygiene needs no electricity

What separates TECEone from other shower toilets? That it works with zero electricity!

The shower function is controlled via the water pressure. The warm water for the hygienic cleaning comes directly from the line.

This means: no complicated electronics that could fail. Intuitive operation without having to study a manual. And no new technology for your plumber, who can carry out installation and maintenance on his own.

TECEone - das Dusch-WC von TECE funktioniert stromlos

TECEone on tour - Survey results

TECE asked the HVAC professionals about shower toilets.
The participants were surveyed via questionnaires on everything concerning shower toilets. Various assessment criteria were used for this.
Among other things, the questions include experience with shower toilets as well as an estimation of future market development.

But the survey also went into detail about the various functions and features offered by a shower toilet. Naturally, TECEone was tested too and an intensive survey was conducted.

Das TECEone Dusch-WC hat unter Fachleuten hervorragend abgeschnitten