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Das TECEflex Schibehülsen-Rohrsystem ist extrem verlässlich und fehlertolerant.

TECEflex – the reliable push sleeve system

TECEflex – Tools

Position sleeve , press, tight.

TECEflex - Werkzeuge - Verbindung

TECEflex connections can be made with hand tools up to dimension 32 mm. The craftsman can make the majority of the connections using their muscle power. No mains electricity or battery required. The tools are very light but still thoroughly robust. They don't require any regular maintenance. For the connection: Slide the sleeve onto the press collar - connection secure!

Dimensions from 40 - 63 mm require the PMA 40 63 pressing machine attachments. They channel the power of the pressing machine into an extremely effective axial pressing movement. If a pressing machine doesn't exert enough power, this is immediately noticeable as the pressure sleeve is not slid onto the collar. The same pressing machine would probably cause loose connection if it is used for a radial pressing system.

  • no mains electricity or battery
  • alternatively: RazFaz battery-powered processing tools
  • press two dimensions without switching the jaws thanks to the dual press yoke
  • effective power through axial press movement

RazFaz battery-powered tool

RazFaz secure connections in tight spaces

Mit den Akku-Presswerkzeugen von RazFaz kann auch auf engem Raum verpresst werden.

Alternatively, the RazFaz battery-powered processing tools are available for TECEflex dimensions up to 32 mm. With these tools you can handle pressings even in tight construction site situations. The special highlight is the dual press yoke. Thus two dimensions can always be pressed without switching the jaws. Maintenance is unnecessary here too. Nevertheless, the tools should be serviced now and again for maintenance purposes.

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TECEflex manual pipe expanding tool

TECEflex Rohraufweitzange manuell

Type: RAZ-V
Dimension: 16-32 mm
Order number: 720056

TECEflex RazFax accumulator-operated expanding tool

TECEflex RazFaz-Akkuaufweitwerkzeug

Dimension: 16-32 mm
Order number: 720172

TECEflex pressure sleeves/manual pressing tool

TECEflex Druckhülsen-Presswerkzeug manuell

Type: HPW-L
Dimension: 14-32 mm
Order number: 720050

TECEflex RazFaz cordl. press. tool

TECEflex RazFaz-Akkupresswerkzeug

Dimension: 14-32 mm
Order number: 720173

TECEflex manual tool set

TECEflex Handwerkzeugset

Dimension: 14-32 oder 16-32 mm
Order number: 720174 or 720203

TECEflex PMA 40 63 pressing tool

TECEflex Handwerkzeugset
and TECEflex expansion set in the tool case

Dimension: 40-63 mm
Order number: 720170