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The new flexibility in bathroom design

TECEdrainline shower channels free the bathroom from disturbing separations such as the shower trays and cubicles and allow a uniform floor design. This produces accessible bathrooms with a generous character – real space for living.

And if recessed is what you're after, then take a look at our TECEdrainprofile shower profile.

Die Duschrinne TECEdrainline wird in der begehbaren Dusche fast unsichtbar.

TECEdrainline shower channel

Demands are increasingly being placed on the bathroom to function as a living space. Shower channels create floor-level shower areas – therefore useable space. The technology is perfectly integrated in the floor – in both new and renovated buildings: The intelligent drainage technology, which meets all hygiene requirements, remains invisible.

TECEdrainline - Edelstahl-Duschrinnenabdeckung für Ihre stilvolle begehbare Dusche


Evo stands for Evolution – The attention of the developers is focused on simplifying work, perfect compliance with continuously developed standards and avoiding errors. Design in the best TECEdrainline tradition – with customer-friendly advanced technology behind the scenes.

1 2 3 4 5 6
1Protective construction cover made of plastic: protects the channel and sealing sleeve from dirt and damage during the construction phase. This is removed once the screed is filled.
2The seal of originality: guarantees the original status of delivery of the channel from the factory when transferred undamaged between trades.
3Transparent protective construction cover with opening for seal inspection.
4Factory fitted Seal System sealing sleeve: offers additional reliability in sealing and saves an additional working step.
5TECEdrainline channel: made of stainless steel – free of screws and parts of threads on the inside. This consequently makes it hygienic and easy to clean. The inside gradient prevents any deposits building up as a result of standing water.
6The shower channel with hygienic secondary drainage.

WHY TECEdrainline-Evo?

The TECEdrainline-Evo is a new generation of the shower channel from TECE that has been used a million times.
The Drainline-Evo makes it easier for installers and tilers to install the channel and offers a bonus to reliability in assembly and sealing.

This doesn't change any of the proven product features, such as the easy to clean stainless steel channel with anti-capillary edge.

The advantages at a glance
  • DIN EN 1253 and DIN 18534 compliant (applies for all water impact categories)
  • Factory fitted Seal System sealing sleeve: quicker installation, greater reliability, reduced liability risks
  • Protective construction cover against damage and dirt
  • Seal of originality for safer trade handover
  • With anti-capillary edge and optional secondary drainage – hygienic and protected against backflow
  • Compatible with the existing TECEdrainline range
TECEdrainline-Evo assembly: simple, fast and reliable

Secondary drainage, yes, no or both?

The subject of secondary drainage is being discussed more and more controversially in expert circles. Our view on this has not changed in all these years and is underpinned by many years of practical experience in the field of kitchen and industrial interiors.

  • The only forces at work in the thin tile bed are capillary forces. It is physically impossible for trickles to fall in line with the gradient. Corresponding studies have conclusively demonstrate this.
  • For hygienic reasons, no matter whether it's in a big kitchen, a swimming hall or in a domestic shower, a drain channel requires an anti-capillary edge that prevents the shower water from penetrating under the tiles.

Since despite everything there is still a demand for channels with secondary drainage, with the TECEdrainline-Evo TECE now offers an option for secondary drainage without removing the proven anti-capillary edge. The result is the first hygienic secondary drainage on the market!

Christian Hüging
Christian Hüging, TECE Drainage Systems Product Manager

It fits...

The TECEdrainline-Evo channel is compatible with all drains, covers and other components in the shower channel range.

For wall-mounted installation there are special variants which come with a stainless steel edge for wall tile support.

TECEdrainline-Evo shower channel with factory fitted Seal System sealing sleeve.
1Detail TECEdrainline-Evo shower channel
TECEdrainline-Evo shower channel with factory fitted Seal System sealing sleeve. With wall tile support for installation close to the wall.
2Detail TECEdrainline-Evo shower channel with wall tile support

TECEdrainline - glass cover

With shower channel covers made of glass, TECE opts for fine materials in the bathroom.

Loadable despite its transparent appearance: The safety glass sits on a particularly robust stainless steel support.

Like the “plate” tileable channel, the glass cover forms an enclosed surface that can be inserted into the bathroom floor. Shower water drains away via a narrow drain opening along the long sides of the cover.

TECE offers the glass cover in standard colours green, black and white. The safety glass with rounded edges is permanently fixed to the underlying stainless steel grid by means of a special adhesive.

The colour of the glass cover matches the glass covers of the TECEloop and TECEsquare flush plates. Available in the colours white, green and black.

TECEdrainline - Abdeckung für die Duschrinne aus Glas

TECEdrainline glass shower channels

TECEdrainline stainless steel grates - Make a clear emphasis

Stainless steel is a typical material in the bathroom: authentic, permanent and conveying a sense of value. Stainless steel grates are available in different patterns, bright polished or matt brushed.

The grates are available in polished or brushed stainless steel.

TECEdrainline - Edelstahlroste

TECEdrainline covers stainless steel

TECEdrainline "plate" - our most attractive shower channel is almost invisible

Thanks to the "plate" tileable channel, the shower channel can be perfectly fitted into the flooring.

The solid construction of the TECEdrainline shower channel enables especially small drainage slots. The tileable channel is also available for the angled channel in various sizes.

TECEdrainline - überfliesen Sie Ihren Duschablauf doch einfach.

TECEdrainline natural stone - Shower channel type "Invisible"

Fine natural stone floors transform bathrooms into true temples of wellness.

The less the floor is broken up by joints or drainage elements, the more high-quality and roomier the space feels.

Specially for thisrequirement TECE expanded its shower channel modular system by a channel for large, natural stone slabs and tiles of any thickness. When installed and covered, the shower channel is completely invisible. Small stainless steel edges bordered the drain opening before, but now nothing except a slit is visible in the natural stone.

Die Duschrinnenabdeckung TECEdrainline für Naturstein verschwindet optisch

Form & function

With TECEdrainline shower channels, there is no need for shower tubs, or (for the most part) separating walls: As a result, the shower area no longer has to comply to standard dimensions, and individual architectural factors can be taken into account.

A unified floor design thus conveys a feeling of generous spaciousness.

TECEdrainline - Form und Funktion

Installation variants

With TECEdrainline shower channels, there is no need for shower tubs, or (for the most part) separating walls: As a result, the shower area no longer has to comply to standard dimensions, and individual architectural factors can be taken into account.

A unified floor design thus conveys a feeling of generous spaciousness.

TECEdrainline shower channels open up new design options in bathroom architecture – and bathroom planners can take advantage of this new freedom. In this way, not only stainless steel shower channels can be installed between the wet and dry areas, but also for example, directly at the wall.

Special solutions

Do you have special requirements for your individual construction project for which there is no standard solution? Simply let us know your special requirements. We offer you construction drawing together with a suggested solution as fast as possible. As soon as you've approved the construction drawing , your individual product will be produced and shipped in just a few working days.

Get in touch with us.

TECEdrainline - Sonderlösungen

TECEdrainline - Details

TECEshowerline - shower channel, straight

Straight channel body for installation in screed.

Consisting of:

  • Straight channel body
  • Length from 700-900mm
  • Channel body made of polished stainless steel, material 1.4301 (304)
  • Central connection trim for drain
  • Internal incline for improved water drainage and self-cleaning effect
  • Designed and produced in Germany


  • Hair sieve
  • Membrane odour trap
  • Free the bathroom from disturbing separations
  • Enable a unified floor design
  • Easy to clean and particularly hygienic
  • Available with covers made of stainless steel, glass, with tileable channel "plate" or even for natural stone floors
TECEshowerline Basic Tile insert
Size Code Code Code
700 mm 15230070 600710 600770
800 mm 15230080 600810 600870
900 mm 15230090 600910 600970