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TECEdrainline - attractive without airs and graces


TECEdrainline – the versatile shower channel

TECEdrainline dusjrenne

Modern drainage works reliably – without putting itself at the forefront. TECEdrainline thus offers numerous variants of different covers in a modular system that integrate into any shower area almost seamlessly. And many variants of channel bodies that make installation at any point in the shower area that you want fast, secure and reliable.

The TECEdrainline with stainless steel flange and Seal System sealing tape convinces by the perfect processing of easy-to-clean materials. This makes the TECEdrainline durable and practical at the same time. And that's not just during assembly, but during use as well.

TECEdrainline – one name, two products

At TECE, we differentiate our TECEdrainline shower channel between the classic TECEdrainline and the next-generation TECEdrainline-Evo.

The new generation: TECEdrainline-Evo

TECEdrainline-Evo Duschrinne mit Dichtmanschette

For simplicity lovers: the new generation of the shower channel that has been installed a million times simplifies installation for fitters and tilers and puts an end to toing and froing between anti-capillary edge and secondary drainage. This doesn't change any of the proven product features, such as the easy to clean stainless steel channel with anti-capillary edge.

The advantages at a glance

  • Complies with EN 1253 and DIN 18534 (applies for all water impact categories)
  • Factory fitted Seal System sealing sleeve: quicker installation, greater reliability, reduced liability risks
  • Build time protection cover against damage and dirt
  • Seal of originality for safer trade handover
  • With anti-capillary edge and optional secondary drainage – hygienic and protected against backflow
  • Compatible with the existing TECEdrainline range

The classic: TECEdrainline

TECEdrainline in Verbund mit den Seal System Abdichtungsprodukten

The original model of the much-loved shower channel comes with an all-around stainless steel flange and Seal System sealing tape for overlapping connection with the composite seal. Available as a straight version for installation close to and far away from the wall, as a natural stone channel as well as a version with wall upstand for installation flush to the wall.

The advantages at a glance

  • Closed, seamless stainless steel body with anti-capillary edge
  • Assembly with Seal System sealing tape
  • Available in the versions straight, for natural stone or with wall upstand for installation flush to the wall
  • Compatible with all drains and covers in the TECEdrainline system

TECEshowerline - shower channel, straight

Consisting of:

  • Straight channel body
  • Length from 700-900mm
  • Channel body made of polished stainless steel, material 1.4301 (304)
  • Central connection trim for drain
  • Internal incline for improved water drainage and self-cleaning effect
  • Designed and produced in Germany


  • Hair sieve
  • Membrane odour trap