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Prefabricated wall modules

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TCB Spülkasten Einwurschacht

Flushing technology

Integration of the universal cistern in brick-wall and dry-wall construction modules is just as important as the flush actuation function in front of the wall. Every TECE push plate therefore fits every TECE cistern. For more hygiene and fresh-ness for your toilet ensures the insert chute for cleaning tabs. The urinal flush valve makes the flushing system of TECE complete. Our customers appreciate this and rely on our know-how.

Trockenbau TECEprofil - Teaser

TECEprofil - Dry-wall - Modules

An extremely flexible pre-wall system

  • Dry-wall systems for the quick installation of prefabricated wall modules
  • Only three basic components made of steel
  • High flexibility and stability
  • Statically tested - Fulfils sound insulation and fire protection requirements
TECEbox Spülkasten

TECEbox - brick-wall modules

Pre-wall assembly is easier than ever

  • Brick-wall series for mounting
  • Quality & reliability at an affordable price
  • Can be delivered in various designs
  • Proven TECE cistern with 10-litre safety tank
  • Sound-tested