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Push-fit system

With our professional installation system TECElogo, you no longer need any pressing tools. The system is simply installed by hand. You achieve secure connections with TECElogo comfortably, easily and precisely.

With TECElogo, you have everything you need for the potable water and heating installation; in all conventional and large dimensions from 16 - 63 mm. Apart from standard fitting variants, TECElogo also offers practical pre-assembled solutions, for the installation of washstands or the connection to radiators, for example.


The TECElogo push-fit fitting

It's highly compact and easy to install. Its high impact resistance is due to the combination of the high-performance plastic PPSU® and fibre-reinforced polyamide.

We use red brass for the threaded fittings. This material is particularly suitable for use with potable water.TECElogo push fittings and pipes have been tested by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water [DVGW] and have been approved for use with potable water.

1 2 3
1The TECElogo composite pipe
2Clamp & O-rings
3Sleeve & inspection window

The TECElogo pipe

  • Ideal for potable water and heating installations
  • Linear extension as in metal pipes
  • With butt-welded aluminium casing
  • Completely diffusion-tight
  • Can also be used in visible areas thanks to the outer white layer
1 2 3 4
1Inliner (PE-RT or PE-Xc)
2Bonding agent
3Aluminium layer
4Protective white layer made of PE-RT

Expertise in best shape

Production and quality assurance in Germany.

We manufacture our composite pipes in our TECE factory using ultra-modern plants. In our in-house quality assurance department laboratories, we use complex methods to continuously test the individual TECElogo components. As a user of TECElogo you can therefore be sure of consistently high quality and thus a durable, stable and safe connection.

TECElogo naturally has all the key national and international approvals.

TECElogo Zertifikate

Video TECElogo Push-fit system

The following video clearly and simply shows how to work with the TECElogo push fittings.