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Spotlight on the toilet terminal

Press and flush was yesterday. The toilet of today can do so much more: rinse and blow dry, purify the air and flush automatically. But the aesthetics are often sacrificed for this additional hygiene and comfort.TECE has now created a form that unites all functions. The technology disappears into the wall and all that remains visible is a flat facing made of white safety glass.

TECElux is the terminal for all toilet functions of today - and tomorrow.

TECElux - black / green

Design & Technology

The toilet terminal TECElux hides the working parts behind the wall. An extremely flat glass facing closes the inspection opening and conceals the cistern, connections for water and power and, depending on the version, an odour extraction or height adjustment for the ceramics.

With its simple aesthetics, TECElux blends in with the architecture of any bathroom. The terminal's large glass surface consists of two parts that give the appearance of a single unit. The glass facing serves as a splash guard for the wall and means the wall does not have to be tiled. The toilet terminal can be combined with practically any ceramics and even with shower toilets.

TECElux - Form und Funktion

An overview of all functions

Form and function

However, It is easily accessible even after installation thanks to the removable upper glass facing and the large inspection opening. Retrofitting, assembly and maintenance can therefore be carried out with little effort. The terminal with cistern forms the basis, and you choose the range of functions.

A TECElux toilet terminal always consists of:

  • a TECElux toilet module
  • an upper glass facing with actuation unit in white or black
  • a lower glass facing with toilet attachment and notches for different power and water connections in white or black
TECElux Badezimmer

Video: TECElux toilet terminal

You can find a quick overview of the functions of the height-adjustable TECElux toilet terminal in our video.

TECElux - outstanding for form and function

TECElux has already received numerous awards for its intelligent combination of design and function.

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