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Mit den TECEprofil-Installationswänden können Sie Ihr Bad kreativ nach Ihren Vorstellungen bauen und einfach gestalten.

TECEprofil – creative to design, simple to build

TECEprofil – the task: shaping a bathroom

More possibilities. Through pipes in the pre-wall.

Old pipes, old problems 

In the past, the toilet with the 100 mm drain always had to be located where the downpipe was. The smaller drain lines from the washstand and shower were then simply mortised in along the wall or boxed in.

That was the end of the design possibilities.

TECEprofil löst die Problemzonen alter Bäder auf und erlaubt Freiheit bei der Badgestaltung.
1 Chamfering for the downpipe
2 All supply pipes were mortised into the wall. That weakens the wall’s structure and frequently leads to sound bridges.
3 Base for the drain line of the bathtub, washstand and toilet

It's not the floor plan that makes the bathroom, it's what you make of it with TECEprofil. 

TECEprofil lets you position the bathroom furniture wherever you like. Because the pre-wall technology allows you to run the pipes inside the pre-wall. Use the extensive design freedom for your customers.

Dank TECEprofil Vorwandtechnik sind ganz neue Grundrisse für Ihr Bad möglich.

New pre-wall, new flexibility.

The convincing result: 

Das mit TECEprofil Vorwandtechnik gestaltete Bad erstrahlt in neuem Glanz.

Designing freedom

  • Practical: Storage compartments, shelves or strip lighting can be integrated in advance
  • Creative: Division into functional areas can be easily realised
  • Invisible: The technology remains hidden; function and living space come to the fore
  • Versatile: One floor plan, many possibilities: The technology follows the creativity
  • Future-proof: For example, a shower toilet can be easily retrofitted at a later date with TECElux
  • Variable: In front of a solid wall or dry-wall construction, free-standing, part- or roomheight, only as shaft cladding or with the sanitary wall as a partition wall: Everything is possible

Room for creativity

Here are a few ideas:

Mit TECEprofil Vorwandtechnik setzen Sie das WC im Bad als Raumtrenner ein.

Toilet as divider

  • Room-height sanitary wall at the toilet creates space for built-in cabinets or washing machine and dryer
  • Bathtub and shower separated by 2 m-high pre-wall
  • Shower fitting in partition wall between shower and bathtub
  • Generous feeling of space through walk-in shower with high-quality shower channel and glass splash guard
  • Mirror cabinet integrated flush-mounted into room-height pre-wall
Mit TECEprofil-Installationswänden können Sie schon jetzt für ein Dusch-WC vorrüsten.

Prepared for shower toilet 

  • Wheelchair-accessible washstand supports the generous sense of space
  • Equipped for shower toilet; simple through modern installation elements
  • Point drain with tileable channel in the shower for optimal drainage
  • Shower fitting integrated into the partition wall
Auch eine Sitzbank im barrierefreien Duschbereich realisieren Sie ganz einfach mit TECEprofil-Vorwandtechnik.

Bench in shower area 

  • Clear division of functions with pre-wall as partition to the shower area
  • Partition wall to shower additionally with washstand
  • Niches in the pre-wall create order
  • Walk-in shower with bench separated by part-height pre-wall; no further shower partitions necessary
  • Storage compartments and illuminated niches create accents

Public, semi-public: as long as it's TECEprofil.

Private bathrooms aren’t the only areas you’ll be able to design functionally and creatively with a pre-wall. You can also benefit from the pre-wall technology in commercial and public areas. For example, when installing sanitary facilities in restaurants or offices.

TECEprofil Installationswände eignen sich auch insbesondere für den halböffentlichen und öffentlichen Bereich. Auch barrierefreie Lösungen sind einfach umzusetzen.