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Mit den TECEprofil-Installationswänden können Sie Ihr Bad kreativ nach Ihren Vorstellungen bauen und einfach gestalten.

TECEprofil – creative to design, simple to build

TECEprofil – the solution: three components

Three components, all possibilities

You want to fulfil your customer’s wishes, design your everyday construction site activities and storage facilities as efficiently as possible, master technical challenges, assemble everything effortlessly and safely, comply with normative basics and deliver a safe installation. That’s a lot of requirements that we fulfil quite simply: with the basic components of TECEprofil.

Der TECEprofil-Eckverbinder

TECEprofil corner joint

  • Connection is always automatically aligned at right angles
  • Simplified assembly through pre-tensioned compression springs
  • No die casting or plastic, but entirely sheet metal: also resistant in a fire
    Der TECEprofil-Eckverbinder sorgt auch bei schräg abgelängtem Profilrohr für rechtwinklige Verbindungen.

    Automatically rectangular

    • Tolerances of up to 10 mm are easily compensated for
    • Diagonally cut sections or incorrect dimensions can also be tolerated by several mm
    Der TECEprofil-Befestigungswinkel

    TECEprofil angle bracket

    • The TECEprofil angle bracket is height- and depth-adjustable
    • Accepts tolerances on the solid or dry-wall construction wall at all times
    Der TECEprofil-Befestigungswinkel sorgt für die stabile Verbindung mit der Wand.

    Angle bracket in use

    • Solid bracket for wall attachment
    • Compensation of structural tolerances
    • Very large adjustment range
    • Sound-insulating rubber for sound insulation (accessory)
    Das TECEprofil-Profilrohr

    TECEprofil section tube

    • Maximum spans and greater safety in a fire through the closed galvanised steel section and additional beading at the edges
    • Excellent structural properties: robust, stable and torsionally rigid

    Tall, wide, safe. And yet so flexible.

    With TECEprofil, flexibility and stability supplement each other to form a unit.


    Realise large heights and installation spacings

    With the TECEprofil support frame, you can build as high or wide as required – but always safely. And in accordance with the simplest of design rules. Sanitary walls of up to 4500 mm in height are possible. As is attachment in front of a solid or drywall construction wall – or entirely free-standing. Large installation spacings of up to 1200 mm are also no problem.

    Standard wall

    TECEprofil Standardwand als Vorwand raumhoch oder niedriger

    Standard wall, partial height and floor-to-ceiling height, with or without side attachment
    Height: Standard 1150 mm, max. 4500 mm
    Depth: min. 115 mm, max. 500 mm
    Width: unlimited

    TECEprofil frei stehende, teilhohe Sanitärwand

    Free-standing, part-height sanitary wall
    Standard 1150 mm, max. 2100 mm
    Depth: min. 210 mm
    Width: max. 2400 mm

    TECEprofil raumhohe Sanitärwand

    Room-height sanitary wall
    max. 4500 mm
    Depth: min. 210 mm
    Width: max. 2400 mm

    Special wall

    TECEprofil Spezialwand

    Partial height and room height corner construction 45° in front of a structural corner
    Height: max. 4500 mm
    Depth: min. 350 mm
    Width: min. leg length 495 mm 

    TECEprofil teilhohe Sanitärwand

    Part-height sanitary wall
    Height: Standard 1150 mm, max. 2100 mm
    Depth: min. 210 mm
    Width: max. 2400 mm

    TECEprofil Raumtrennwand

    Room partition wall
    Height: max. 4500 mm
    Depth: min. 170 mm
    Width: a vertical strut is required every 2400 mm on either side of the wall.

    Mounting level on structural shell

    Legendenerklärung zur Befestigungsebene

    When planning and executing your design,
    please note the assembly guidelines in our
    Technical Information

    TECEprofil teilhohe Schamwand

    Part-height privacy wall (only approved for integrated fittings)
    Height: max. 2100 mm
    Depth: min. 170 mm
    Width: max. 1200 mm