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Die TECEprofil Sanitärmodule sind perfekt für den Trockenbau vorbereitet.

TECEprofil – dry-wall modules

TECEprofil Geronto module

Barrier-free toilet solutions

Speziell für barrierefreie WCs bietet TECE kabel- und funkgebundene Spülauslösungen an. Kabelgebunden kann die Spülung am Stützklappgriff oder an der Wand ausgelöst werden.

Stress-free, simple, reliable: the TECEprofil Geronto module that meets the requirements of DIN 18040 straight from the factory – for standard-compliant use in hospitals and the healthcare sector.

Ready for anything

The TECEprofil Geronto module was specially designed for the needs of people with physical limitations – the seating height, distance from the wall and structure all meet the standard of “Barrier-free construction”. The Geronto modules simplifies the installation of the flush actuation on the safety support arm with pre-assembled conduits for cabling. We also offer a solution for standard-compliant and quick assembly of the safety support arms: in the form of steel plates that match the module.

Das TECEprofil Geronto-Modul erfüllt ab Werk die Anforderungen der DIN 18040 – für den normkonformen Einsatz in Krankenhäusern und im Healthcare-Bereich.

More freedom – during use too

TECE offers cabled and wireless flush actuations specially for barrier-free toilets. Cabled, the flush can be actuated on the safety support arm or on the wall. The radio button provides the option to mount the flush actuation at any desired point within reception range of the electronics. Additionally, you can also always operate the plate manually too.