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TECEone - easily assembled

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Simply TECEone

We've rethought the shower toilet:

With intelligent technology that functions without electricity. With a compact design that fits any bathroom.

With well-thought out functions for uncomplicated installation and intuitive operation.

Simply TECEone!

TECEone - so einfach kann man ein Dusch-WC montieren

The toilet with shower function

Greater comfort for everyone:

Complicated electronics, expansive dimensions, a high price – features that didn't previously reflect well on the installation of shower toilets.

With TECEone, we’re changing the rules of the game:
The shower function that requires no electricity makes it as simple to install as a shower fitting. Intuitive and comfortable - in operation too. It is so beautiful and compact that it fits in every bathroom.t.

Your customers will be impressed too!

TECEone - das Dusch-WC von TECE funktioniert stromlos

Innovation made by TECE

How do you design a toilet with a shower function that is easy to install and can be integrated into any bathroom?

Our solution is TECEone.

Das TECEone Dusch-WC begeisterte das Fachpublikum während der Roadshow.
Video: TECEone Roadshow - short version

Purely intuitive

TECEone provides hygienic freshness without the need for instructions: it is simple, intuitive and comfortable to use.

With buttons mounted on the side of the ceramics, you can regulate the water temperature and volume continuously: with a simple turn of the dial.

The central positioned shower arm is activated and extended by the water pressure alone.

TECEone – Das stromlose Dusch-WC
Video: TECEone function


We like it when technology is simple.

Therefore with TECEone we concentrated on the essentials for efficient, secure and above all easy assembly.

TECEone Installation Video

Less technology, more security

No water tank, no power connection, no boiler - only proven technology such as a thermostatic mixer and cartridges for water regulation:

TECEone is thus as simple to install as a shower fitting.

This means: less expense during assembly, maximum satisfaction for the fitter and customer.

1 2 3 4
1Water regulator
Individual control of the water volume
2Shower arm is pushed forward by water pressure
3Temperature regulator
Individual control of the temperature
4Individual control of the temperature

Quality guaranteed

The safety system for the protection of drinking water integrated into the TECEone complies with the requirements of DIN EN 1717.

TECEone can thus be directly connected to the hot or cold water pipe without separate protection. The ceramics and toilet seat also both fulfil the respective applicable standards.

DVGW CERT - Anschlusssicher

Maintenance and repair

No electricity means: no heating elements or instantaneous heater, no delicate electronics - and less stress.

The cartridges can be removed without taking the toilet from the wall. The shower arm and nozzle caps can also be very easily replaced.

Video TECEone - Reparatur und Wartung
Video: TECEone repair and maintenance

TECEone in a system

System technology makes all the difference. Because only a system does a product start to reveal its full efficiency. And become a holistic solution.

Sanitary systems are our strength
Whether in front of or behind the wall: We offer a comprehensive range of system components that are perfectly coordinated with one another.

This way we ensure that the interplay of our products works as smoothly as our products themselves.

1 2 3
1Easy exchange of the volume cartridge
2Easy exchange of the shower arm
3Easy exchange of the cartridge
1 2 3 4
1Brick-wall module
2Installation set brick-wall module
3Dry-wall module
4Installation set dry-wall module
Installation frame and cistern

What happens behind the wall is as important as what is visible in front of it. That's why we recommend combining the TECEone with TECE cisterns during installation. Discover the TECEprofil module as well for the comfortable integration of TECE cisterns in dry-walls and the TECEbox for easy integration of TECE cisterns in brick walls.

Installation sets

Thanks to practical upgrade sets for dry-wall and brick-wall installations, the wall disks are always positioned correctly. The hot water connection is then carried out via a short connection to the hot water pipe with circulation.

Technical data

A good product is also characterised by good service - starting with all the information that simplifies the selection, planning and assembly of TECEone.

Product overview

You can find all you need to know about the selection, planning and assembly of TECEone in one glance here:

Toilet seat with lid, fits TECEone toilet ceramics. Must be ordered separately.

Installation accessories