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TECEone vägghängd toalett

TECEone – the toilet with shower function

TECEone - Hygiene & Features

Less is more.

TECEone provides hygienic freshness without the need for instructions: it is simple, intuitive and comfortable to use.

Purely intuitive

Die Temperaturauswahl von dem Dusch-WC TECEone.
Temperature controller to set the water temperature up to 38°C

With buttons mounted on the side of the ceramics, you can regulate the water temperature and volume continuously: with a simple turn of the dial. The central positioned shower arm is activated and extended by the water pressure alone. Various nozzle caps can be ordered to individually adjust the angle and volume of the water jet. 

Der Regulierer für die Spüldruckeinstellung von unserem Dusch-WC TECEone.
Volume controller for adjusting the quantity of water as required
Der Spülstab in Funktion von dem Dusch-WC TECEone.
Shower arm is pushed forward by water pressure

Testing TECEone

On behalf of the specialist magazine SBZ, the University of Esslingen carried out practical testing of ten shower-toilets. TECEone was the only shower-toilet without a power connection and it achieved top marks in nearly all categories.

Most notably, TECEone impressed with an incredibly clean performance thanks to the cleaning effect of the nozzles and the self-cleaning shower arm. An important advantage: the particularly intense water volume flow that is achieved without the need for a boiler and water heaters. A clear point for the power-free shower-toilet.

Innovation made by TECE

How do you design a toilet with a shower function that is easy to install and can be integrated into any bathroom? Our solution is TECEone.

Das Dusch-WC TECEone ist der Beweis dafür, dass moderne Technik auch ohne Strom funktioniert.

The power of water.

TECEone is proof that modern technology also works without electricity. To achieve this, we use the power of water: The shower function is controlled via the water pressure. The warm water for the hygienic cleaning comes directly from the line. It's as easy as that.

The toilet with shower function. No power supply.

Complicated electronics, expansive dimensions, a high price – features that didn't previously reflect well on the installation of shower toilets. With TECEone, we’re changing the rules of the game: No electricity makes it as simple to install as a shower fitting. TECEone is also intuitive and convenient to operate. And, at the same time, it is so beautiful and compact that it fits in every bathroom.

Appreciable comfort

Das Dusch-WC TECEone verfügt über einen ergonomisch geformten Sitz, der höchsten Komfort bietet.

Naturally, TECEone meets the most important standards of comfort for modern sanitary technology: with its ergonomically designed, wiggle-free toilet seat and soft close drop function, for example. 

Fresh every time

Das Dusch-WC TECEone ist durch ein spülrandloses Design leicht zu reinigen und der Duschstab reinigt sich vor und nach jeder Nutzung sogar von selbst.

Thanks to the rimless design, TECEone is especially easy to clean. The shower arm even cleans itself: through fully automatic rinsing before and after each use. Another advantage: During the pre-rinse the cooled water in the pipe can be fl ushed out.