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TECEloop diversity of colours

TECEloop – toilet flush plate

TECEloop – modular system

More design freedom

Mit dem TECEloop-Baukasten können Blende und Tasten individuell kombiniert werden.

Maximum design freedom: In the TECEloop modular system, the cover and buttons are freely combined from a huge range of colours and materials.

Hundred looks...

Mit dem TECEloop-Baukasten stellen Sie sich Ihre WC-Betätigungsplatte aus Tasten und Blende zusammen.

...and more. Ten glass covers, one slate and one mirror cover and eight different button variants: That is variety with a system in the TECEloop modular system. Some glass surfaces are colour coordinated to products from big name bathroom furniture and ceramics manufacturers like Alape, Emco and Burgbad.

And if you would like to change the color and style of your bathroom, you can change the TECE flush plates easily at any time.