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WC-Terminal TECElux

TECElux – The toilet terminal

TECElux – Features

The comfort plus for every toilet

TECElux optimiert den Nutzerkomfort individuell – und unabhängig von der WC-Keramik

A small revolution is taking place in terms of design, functionality and comfort: TECElux individually optimises user comfort – and independent of the toilet ceramics.

Flushing with the sensor

TECElux offers two actuation variants: classic mechanical flush buttons or an electronic flush actuation that detects when a person is approaching the toilet, and only illuminates the flush buttons then. The electronic flush can be actuated by pressing a button or through touch-free sensors. Pure hygiene and ease of cleaning: The sensor version is integrated into a seamless glass facing.

An end to bad odours

The TECElux ceramic odour filter removes odours where they occur: directly in the toilet. The impure air is extracted, the odorants are removed by a ceramic filter and the air is fed back into the room. There are no draughts and no loss of heat because cold outside air is not used. The filter has a long life and only has to be replaced approximately every five years.

Suitable for all

Always the right seat height: TECElux makes it possible to retrospectively adjust the seat height by 8 cm – continuously and without having to remove the ceramics. The glass facing simply moves with the ceramics.

Individual setting

The fine settings of all technical functions, too, can be finely adjusted to the user, from the ventilation duration to the display brightness. Special comfort functions such as hygiene and safety flushes can also be individually added and programmed.

Das WC-Terminal TECElux ist eine offene Schnittstelle zu Funktionen und Design.

Open to many options

The toilet terminal is an open interface to functions and design. It can be combined with practically all ceramic toilets – including rimless toilets and shower toilets.

What's special about this: Connections for water and power are prepared, all cables and water lines can thus be routed invisibly. Or you can combine the TECElux with the TECEone – the toilet with shower function that does away with electricity.

By the way: TECElux combines technology and design so beautifully and intelligently that it has already received multiple awards for it.

Das TECElux WC-Terminal wurde bereits mehrfach ausgezeichnet
Die leuchtenden Tastensilhouetten dienen bei Nacht als Orientierungshilfe.

Help in the dark: the night light function

The glowing button silhouettes function as orientation guides at night. These are activated by the individually adjustable approach sensor.

Programmable functions

  • Hygiene flush: 7 selectable intervals of 24 to 672 hours
  • Safety flush: When the automatic flush function is activated, an automatic flush is carried out 2 minutes after the last time a person was detected in the recognition range.
  • Display illumination: A choice of 4 illumination levels. Activation in a choice of 2/3/4/5 minutes
  • Person recognition: Standard, short or very short
  • Odour extraction: Follow-up duration in a choice of 0/1/2/5 minutes. Fan volume at levels "extra quiet", "standard" or "power"