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TECEloop diversity of colours

TECEloop toilet flush plate


TECEloop impresses with diversity

Bei TECEloop sind dank großer Auswahl an Farben und Materialien gestalterisch (fast) keine Grenzen gesetzt.

The round has to go in the square. Other than that, there are (almost) no limits to design with this button actuation thanks to the huge selection of colours and materials.

Reduced to the essential with a harmonious look – that’s TECEloop with its distinct round buttons. The combination of different materials and colours for the buttons and covers gives rise to more than a hundred different looks – to suit every bathroom.

Outstanding? Only in the design!

Als Glasvariante kann die TECEloop WC-Betätigungsplatte mit dem dafür erhältlichen Einbaurahmen auch flächenbündig in die Wand integriert werden.

The TECEloop doesn't just look good. As a glass version it can also be integrated into the wall flush-mounted using the installation frame available for this.

Beautifully hygienic

The TECEloop flush plates made of plastic also stand out with high-quality button mechanics and a clear design.


TECEloop in white plastic is also available with an antibacterial surface. Here, the growth of germs on the surface is effectively inhibited by silver ions. An advantage, especially for use in public areas, in senior and care homes or in hospitals.

TECEloop WC-Betätigungsplatten aus Kunststoff sind in weiß auch mit antibakteriellen Eigenschaften erhältlich.