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Recht & Normen - Bauarbeiter Projekt & Planung
Project & Planning

Laws & Standards

On the safe side.

Consistently safe-guarded.

System solutions are tested and certified in the interests of all the parties involved – planners, building operators or users. To guarantee the highest safety standards, TECE always gives the issue the necessary attention. Especially where sound insulation and re protection are concerned.

Soundproofing tests

Actively engaged in the work of standardisation committees
Standards can also change from time to time. When there are long planning lead times, it can occur that a different standard applies by the time the actual construction work is carried out. TECE is actively engaged in the work of standardisation and advisory committees. This means that the latest knowledge determines the development of products and services at TECE. By working with us, our partners bene t directly from this advanced knowledge.

In-house laboratory tests
Elaborate test procedures are performed at our in-house laboratory. The aim is not only to fulfil, but also to exceed, legal requirements.

Independently tested
Specific requirements, including for the highly sensitive areas of sound insulation and re protection, are already integrated in TECE product and system solutions. The results of independent testing bodies regularly con rm the high quality of TECE system solutions, and that applies on an international scale.

Soundproofing tests on a TECE bathroom wall section at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. It is wise to have a low level of noise in hotels, but the same is also true for private residences.
Special sound-absorbing elements are used in the TECEprofil system to ensure low noise levels. Independent reports con rm the reduced transmission of sound waves in the building structure.
Fire resistance test

Fire resistance test at the Materials Testing Institute in Braunschweig (Germany).

Depending on the design of the bathroom wall section, when exposed to re on one side, re resistance classes of up to F 120 were achieved.

Signs of quality

International products require international approvals.

For that reason, TECE’s pipe systems are continuously monitored by a whole range of international external inspection bodies.

Belgium certificates TECElogo

Safely implemented.

Potable water hygiene, sound insulation, re protection and barrier-free layouts – TECE delivers safety from A to Z.

From planning through to implementation. All from one source.

Many requirements – one solution

The people in charge developed a special concept for the bathrooms in the “Oberding” Senior Citizens’ Centre. Barrier-free layouts, anchoring points for support arms, floor level showers and observance of drinking water hygiene all had to be taken into account.

Thanks to the structural properties of TECE wall sections, it was possible to build them as partition walls to meet re resistance class F 30 – in this way, there was no need for additional walls.

After the production drawings had been approved and the wall sections prefabricated, the sections were delivered on time. TECE application engineers instruct the fitters.

Perfect protection, easily assembled.

Standards and legal requirements transferred into well-thought-out product solutions.

That is TECE’s strength.