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TECE ISH 2017 Messestand

Latest impressions from the ISH

Close to you –
too as an exhibition stand

Structure is everything:

TECE also presents its new brand image at the ISH. In the same way as the brand concept, the ISH exhibition stand is also divided into three sections representing the company’s core fields of competence.

TECE novelty at the ISH


Shower toilets need electricity! But do they really? As a shower toilet without electricity, TECEone skips the line of thought prescribed.The low-tech shower toilet seems just like a shapely design toilet in appearance and dimensions – but it offers the added function of "shower toilet" thanks to two integrated rotary selectors. S tried and tested thermostat technology taps fresh water tempered to the correct temperature directly from the house line and cleans the test area quickly, comfortably and intensively with the largest water volume.

Hygiene in the product and cleanliness on the bottom.
That's why the nozzles in all models are washed clean before and after use with fresh water. TECE is taking a different approach while placing its trust on proven technology.

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TECEone – Das stromlose, spülrandlose Dusch-WC RU
Fresh water from the pipe: Using only water pressure the shower arm moves into position and dispenses wellbeing and cleanliness. Electricity or electronics are not required.


Niche recessed drainage made easy
The new TECEdrainprofile shower profile allows easily manufactured, recessed drainage across the entire shower space width, making installation and sealing easier for the technician, and cleaning easier for the user. With the TECEdrainprofile, TECE introduces a solution which allows simple adaptation right into the edges of the shower space because the stainless steel profile can be cut to length quickly and precisely. This reduces the building process, saves money and lends the shower area an aesthetically pleasing overall look. 

A simple modular solution - safe sealing
The TECEdrainprofile consists of a clear, easy-to-understand module with few components: shower profile, drain and accessory. The assembly solution also allows subsequent fine positioning of the shower profile

Convenient cleaning for perfect hygiene
The shower profile made of hygienic stainless steel features an inner gradient that optimises water drainage. Potential dirt drains with the water into the drain located under the centre of the profile. This is easily accessible and can be cleaned with a cleaning cable, as required.

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TECEdrainprofile can be recessed across the entire shower space width. With large tiles, in particular, an aesthetically pleasing overall look is created.

TECE Hygienebox

Using the Hygiene Box, cold water will remain cold
In warm water installations, the TECE Hygiene Box prevents heat exchange via the fittings to the cold water side.

The ready-to-connect Hygiene Box by TECE guides the warm water pipe above the warm water wall disk. In this short, vertical connection piece between the wall disk and the warm water pipe, stable, thermal layering is created, resulting in thermal decoupling of the warm water pipe and the tap connection.  An unacceptable temperature increase of the cold water side is therefore prevented.

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TECE Hygienebox
The TECE Hygiene Box, as an assembly unit with double wall disk for cold water on a mounting crossbeam, allows quick installation that is ideal for drinking water hygiene.


Urinal electronics matching the overall range
The cover plate design of the new TECEfilo urinal electronics matches many toilet flush plates from the TECE range. The electronics are equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the user, and automatically triggers flushing. 

TECEfilo features special functions such as configurable pre-flush, hygiene interval flush and a break function which reduce water consumption and improve hygiene without loss of comfort. The configurable hygiene flush ensures a water exchange in the connection pipe.

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TECEfilo is available in stainless steel, glass and plastic, and visually matches the existing TECE flush plate ranges.

TECEnow Urinal

Urinal variant added to toilet flush plate series
Thanks to its functional, plain design, defined edges and the particularly low height of only five millimetres, the new TECEnow urinal flush plate is a solution that integrates harmoniously into different bathroom architectures.

The flushing quantity can be set to one, two or four litres. TECE is known as the pioneer of flush-mounted installation of toilet flush plates. It has also made this function possible for the new urinal flush plate in combination with the familiar urinal installation frame. The TECEnow urinal flush plate dimensions are 104 x 124 millimetres.

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TECEnow Urinal - Bad
The TECEnow urinal flush plate seamlessly integrates into different bathroom ambiances, thanks to its minimalist design.


New RTL Box with a high-quality look
TECE launches a visually pleasing floor heating regulator with real glass cover and attractive aluminium knob.

the box is up to 60 per cent smaller than most competitors’ products and can also be positioned at the usual light switch height. Delivery of the TECEfloor Design RTL Box takes place in two different modules that have to be installed during different phases of the building process.

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TECEfloor - RTL-Box
The TECEfloor Design RTL Box can easily be installed at light switch height and does not interfere with room aesthetics, thanks to its attractive design.

Filling valve F10

The universal solution for the service technician
The new Filling valve F10 not only fits every TECE cistern, but is also compatible with all conventional third party cisterns.

The new F10 filling valve fits into every TECE cistern and is compatible with all conventional third party cisterns. So in many cases, the installation technician has the right spare part at the ready and can help the customer quickly and competently.

A universal solution for emergencies: The service technician is on the safe side with the TECE filling valve F10. It also fits in many non-TECE products, and, in addition, the filling sound is particularly quiet.

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Füllventil F10 - Ablaufventil
Eine Universallösung für den Notfall: Mit dem TECE Füllventil F10 ist der Service-Techniker auf der sicheren Seite. Es passt auch in viele Fremdfabrikate und das Füllgeräusch ist zudem besonders leise.


Special toilet module for children
Especially designed for children’s standing toilets. The cistern is installed at a lower level so that small children can easily reach the flush as well. The low seat height of a children’s standing toilet requires a low connection height, increasing the assembly effort for standard products. The building services experts from Emsdetten have therefore developed a pre-wall module, especially for toilets at child-height.

Based on additional holes and slots in the frame, the module can be installed in a TECEprofil wall or a metal and wooden post-and-beam wall. A pre-wall installation as a single module is also possible.

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TECEprofil - Kindermodul
With the new TECEprofil module, children’s standing toilets can be installed without increased effort, despite a lower connection height.

TECEdrainpoint S

New fire protection sleeves for the DN 70 and DN 110 drains
TECE is enhances the FireStop fire protection set for the TECEdrainpoint S point drainage with two sleeves for the drain sizes DN 70 and DN 100. Unlike the DN 50 variant, the sleeves are not incorporated in the ceiling structure but screwed in directly under the ceiling.

The fire protection sleeves consist of a housing with a multi-layered lining of intumescent material on the inside. The material foams up as soon as a fire causes the temperature to rise. The inflation pressure released is so high that it squashes the outflow nozzle and permanently seals it against the entry of fire and smoke.

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TECEdrainpoint S - FireStop
The FireStop fire protection sleeves in sizes DN 90 and DN 110 screw in comfortably underneath the cover – a significant simplification for assembly particularly in difficult installation situations.