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Projekt und Planung -Apartmentgebäude Tetris Hall, Kievaus Litho

Reliability in Project Business

The plan for safety.

Every day, construction projects pose new challenges for everyone involved. Planning and construction demand that all time-related, financial and legal risks are identified and controllable.

Construction projects really get the blood flowing. Every day, we solve challenges in a professional and creative way.

TECE Bauleiter - Projekt und Planung
Zeit - Bauarbeiter
Project & Planning


Even with years of experience, the time required to complete the building work can only be calculated with difficulty. The more tasks and trades involved in the project and the longer the distances to the site, the higher the risk of delay. To put it simply, the more reliable the actual time calculations, the more probable the financial success.

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Recht & Normen - Bauarbeiter Projekt & Planung
Project & Planning

Laws & Standards

Complex legal requirements must be taken into account as early on as the pre-planning stage. After completion, planners and tradesmen remain liable for the building’s safety, for the technically accurate implementation and for an error-free operation. Standards and legal requirements such as fire protection or potable water hygiene are binding and must be adhered to. Defects and rework involve enormous costs.

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Wirtschaftlichkeit - Bauarbeiter - Projekt & Planung
Project & Planning


Handing over the flawless property to the customer on the due date is an important milestone for the financial success of everyone involved in the process. Already during the planning stage, the crucial foundations are laid to ensure this by developing and selecting the right technical solutions. Intelligent planning and selection of materials not only relieves the construction budget but also takes future operating costs into account.

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