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Urinalelektronik - die immer passt

Urinal electronics that always fit

The cover plate design of the new TECEfilo urinal electronics matches many toilet flush plates from the TECE range. The plates are available in stainless steel, glass and plastic. The electronics are equipped with an infra-red sensor that detects the user, and automatically triggers flushing. Programmable special functions ensure hygienic and energy-saving flushing.

A vertical line on a rectangle: The cover plate design of the new TECEfilo urinal electronics is purposely minimalist. It’s available in glass, plastic or stainless steel with an anti-fingerprint coating, and is visually harmonised with most of the other TECE flush plates.

No matter which version, TECEfilo fits very flat on the wall with a maximum projection of seven millimetres (glass). For a completely flush integration into the architecture, the glass and plastic versions can be effortlessly installed in the wall with a separately available installation frame.

TECEfilo features special functions such as an adjustable pre-flush, hygienic intermittent flushing and a pause function which automatically reduces flush volumes if the interval between use is less than two minutes.