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Center Parcs Park Allgäu
Holiday park sanitary project

Construction project for 1,000 holiday homes

One of the largest construction projects in Europe was completed just a few kilometres south-east of Leutkirch im Allgäu. A holiday park containing a total of 1,000 latest generation holiday homes was built here for the holiday provider Center Parcs. The homes were fitted with piping technology from TECE and the exclusive homes were also fitted with sanitary technology such as underfloor heating from TECE.

Big project with a high luxury factor in the sanitary field

The starting shot was fired for the construction phase in the autumn of 2017. Up until the opening on 1 October 2018, 1,200 tradespeople worked on the major Center Parcs project here every day. The park is situated in Allgäu, partly on Baden-Württemberg soil and partly on Bavarian soil. The requirements for the 184 hectare complex were high: 1,000 holiday homes were created in the categories Comfort, Premium and VIP as well as the entirely new Luxury category. The exclusive holiday homes are up to 196 square metres in size and offer space for between four and twelve people. The furnishings include a wellness bathroom with jacuzzi and rain shower, a sauna and a loggia. Each bedroom also comes with its own bathroom. The exclusive wellness holiday homes are a whole degree more luxurious. The park anticipates more than a million overnight stays per year, split between approximately 300,000 guests.

Center Parcs Park Allgäu
A leisure complex was constructed on 184 hectares in Leutkirch - making it one of the largest construction sites in Europe.
Reliable sanitary technology for the hotel sector from TECE

In order to provide guests the luxury that they expect, attention was paid to high-quality and long-lasting sanitary technology during the implementation. For the performing craft business Steinbrink GmbH, there was only one provider for the job: TECE.

Gerd Steinbrink, owner of the business: "We've been working together successfully with TECE for years. Including on the Center Parcs Park Nordseeküste project, among others. In addition to the materials and the quick, safe workability, the products also impress in terms of reliability". The complex in the North Sea resort of Tossens in Lower Saxony was renovated from the ground up between 2017 and early last year.

A logistical masterpiece

A total of 30 fitters from Steinbrink GmbH worked within tight time windows to construct the individual holiday homes. The large size of the property, the numerous residential units and the roughly 1,200 tradespeople each day required a massive amount of logistical planning in the run up. The materials, which were delivered directly from the TECE warehouse in Emsdetten, occasionally had to be requested at very short notice, but these were always delivered to the site on time thanks to the well-thought out logistics.

Von links: Frank Demann (Technischer Vertrieb TECE), Dim Hemeltjen (Bauleitung Center Parcs), Jens Steinbrink (Projektleiter Steinbrink).
From left: Frank Demann (Technical Sales, TECE), Dim Hemeltjen (Site Manager, Center Parcs), Jens Steinbrink (Project Manager, Steinbrink).
Maximum potable water hygiene with TECEflex

When it came to the potable water, special emphasis was placed on the highest hygiene standards in order to avoid stagnation and the resulting negative impact on potable water quality. The piping analysis conducted by TECE guaranteed a uniform and fresh supply at all tapping points throughout the entire system. As with Park Nordseeküste, the TECEflex sleeve system was used for the installations.

TECE flushing technology for extra comfort

In total, 750 TECE Universal cisterns were used in the Allgäu holiday complex. The inspection opening, which is fitted with a seal in the factory and only opened after the final assembly, ensures professional cleanliness and functionality. The cistern's dual-flush system is designed to save water from the start with 4.5 litres for a full flush and 3 litres for a reduced flush. Comfort is provided by the filling valve F 10, which makes filling the cistern a pleasantly quiet affair so that adjacent sleeping areas are not negatively influenced by the sound. The TECEbase plastic flush plate is especially robust and durable, yet provides a quality feel.

Center Parcs Park Allgäu
The bathrooms in the exclusive houses are furnished with shower channels and flushing technology from TECE.
Photo acknowledgement: Center Parcs
Reliable and hygienic: Drainage with TECEdrainline shower channels

An absolute must for holiday homes: TECEdrainline shower channels made of stainless steel are particularly easy to clean. Simply removing the stainless steel grate leaves the inner body free so it can be cleaned hygienically. They also ensure reliable drainage thanks to standard-compliant sealing with Seal System sealing fleece. The luxurious rain water showers utilised in the park do have higher water requirements than standard shower heads, however the low nominal length of the shower channel at 700 mm for standard drain DN 50 with its drainage capacity of 0.8 litres per second is totally sufficient here.

Center Parcs Park Allgäu
Of the total 1,000 holiday homes in Leutkirch, 250 in the "Exclusive" category are designed entirely for wellness and relaxation.
Photo acknowledgement: Center Parcs
TECEfloor underfloor heating rounds off the atmosphere of wellbeing.

The underfloor heating systems add cosy warmth and a unique wellbeing factor to the "Exclusive" holiday homes. The easy to assemble TECEfloor underfloor heating system used here consists of diffusion-tight aluminium multilayer pipes, installation accessories, manifolds and control technology. The components are delivered in a complete system and are 100% mutually compatible. All of these components were tested in the lab for maximum sound insulation, tightness and control using the latest testing procedures. The heating demand analysis for the holiday complex and the design of the underfloor heating were carried out by TECE's support crew on request.

Center Parcs Park Allgäu
The holiday complex in Leutkirch im Allgäu was opened in autumn 2018.
Photo acknowledgement: Center Parcs