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Haymarket by Scandic Stockholm

Haymarket Hotel
Sweden , Stockholm

The golden twenties in the midst of modern times

Time travel deluxe: If you check into the 4-star Hotel Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm, you will be immersed in the era of the 1920s. This elegant hideaway is located in the heart of the up-and-coming Norrmam neighbourhood, just a few steps from the central station and the Vasa Museum. Since its opening in 2016, it has been a magnet for culture vultures in particular. 

In the heart of the historic PUB building, a former department stores' surrounded by vibrant shopping centres, film theatres and concert stages, a fascinating world of timeless sophistication and elegance opens up. Even the foyer, inspired by the Art Deco era, reveals an aura that goes far beyond mere accommodation - it is truly an attraction in itself. Here, the morning begins with delicious coffee and freshly baked bread and ends with a touch of luxury with oysters and champagne in the hotel's own "Greats" restaurant. As the perfect end to the day, guests can enjoy a unique cocktail or a classic drink in the "American" bar before retiring to their sleeping paradise. 

Haymarket Hotel Bar
As the perfect end to the day, guests can enjoy a unique cocktail or a classic drink in the "American" bar.

The well thought-out design concept is also reflected in the hotel's 400 rooms down to the smallest detail. Elements in rosé gold lend them an impressive charm and skilfully emphasise the harmonious combination of elegance and urban style. The high-end products from TECE find their appropriate use in this special ambience and fit seamlessly into the aesthetics and design concept of the hotel: The polished brass surface of the TECEplanus toilet flush plate sets high-quality accents and achieves exciting contrasts in the brightly tiled bathrooms. In addition to its appearance, the TECE product also scores with a pleasant operating feel: the rich, mechanical feel of the rubber-buffered flush button contributes to the high-quality overall impression. The robust surface is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The flush plate is also characterised by the tried-and-tested dual-flush technology, which enables both a small flush volume - for economical consumption - and a large flush volume. 

Furthermore, the toilet modules also fulfil the country-specific characteristics of the technical design. This is because the timber construction method commonly used in Scandinavian countries requires a high level of protection against moisture damage - making it all the more important that all materials are optimally harmonised to ensure that the seals are really tight. Before installation, the toilet modules were thoroughly tested and approved with twelve different sealing systems. This ensures maximum safety at the cistern and prevents potential leaks within the walls. With conventional toilet modules, sensitive wooden constructions have to be protected by an elaborate seal in front of and behind the cistern. Thanks to the Safetybag, a watertight bag made of strong, age-resistant PVC, only one sealing layer is required in front of the wall - there is no need for the time-consuming installation of a watertight barrier behind the module. This not only saves money and time during installation, but also helps to protect against expensive water damage. So nothing stands in the way of a fantastic hotel holiday.

Pictures: Published in association with Sleepifier Haymarket by Scandic – Sleepifier

Haymarket Hotel Bad
The well thought-out design concept is also consistently reflected in the bathrooms and the TECE products find their appropriate purpose.