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Toilet flush plates

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A good feeling

First you see it, then you feel it: Toilet and urinal flush plates are the interfaces where users make contact with TECE flushing technology. In the full sense of the word: This is because the rich feel of the actuation with cushioned end stop or the actuation of the automatic sensor give the user a feeling for the quality of the technology installed behind the wall. The flush plate here is more than the calling card for our flushing technology: Whether made of economical plastic, out of particularly robust and hygienic stainless steel, elegantly in real glass or slate, controlled at the push of a button or by sensor, classic, geometric or minimalistically modern, mounted flat on the wall or even flush-mounted as part of the wall design – the variety of colours, shapes and materials available means you’ll find the right flush plate for every ambience.

Find the toilet push plate from TECE that suits your needs. Click through our range!

Additionally to the flush plate: smart electronics

Touch-free flush electronics provide a decisive advantage, especially in public and semi-public areas - for hygiene and sustainability.

Hygiene flushing

If a toilet or urinal is not used for a long time, this can lead to deposits of residues and to the siphon drying out. And thus also to bad odours. A pre-programmed hygiene flush, optionally 24 or 255 hours after the last flush, helps to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Flush plates with smart person recognition

Die Sensor-Elektronik bei den elektronisch auslösenden Betätigungsplatten von TECE geht über einfache IR-Sensoren hinaus.

With simple IR sensors, the flush trigger is controlled solely by the amount of light that a potential user reflects. The problem: Even the light-coloured clothing of a person passing by can trigger a flush unnecessarily. This sensor measures a) the distance of the person from the urinal or toilet and b) the angle of entry of the light.

Together with good black detection of the sensor and its insensitivity to changing light conditions, the person detection of our toilet flush plates is optimised. False triggers are thus reduced to a minimum.