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Die TECEprofil Sanitärmodule sind perfekt für den Trockenbau vorbereitet.

TECEprofil Trockenbau-Module

TECEprofil Dry-wall module – Installation

Pre-assembled for dry-wall construction

Montage TECEprofil Modul - Fußbremse

Sanitary installation in no time – from single module installation through to the design of complete room concepts. With sanitary modules in the TECEprofil system.

Can't this be any simpler?

When constructing our TECEprofil sanitary modules, we always focus on the needs of the plumber and the day-to-day operation on the constructionsite. Besides high functionality this is why the simple assembly is our central criterion. This all leads to one of our guiding questions: can't this be any simpler?

This results in sanitary modules which are so perfectly coordinated that all assembly can be done by just one fitter. For a straight-forward stress-free working, we integrated a few small but effective details in our modules. 


Product highlights

  • For assembly in the TECEprofil system, in metal or wooden stud walls or free-standing in front of the wall
  • Uni cistern fully pre-assembled and sealed
  • Available in three installation heights: 1120 mm, 980 mm and 820 mm
  • Statically self-supporting and durable up to 400 kg
  • Complies with sound insulation standards DIN 4109 and VDI 4100

TECEprofil panel kit

Das TECEprofil Panel-Kit ist die perfekte Lösung für die Montage von Sanitärmodulen in Nischen, wie man sie beispielsweise von Gäste-WCs kennt – selbst wenn dahinter Fallleitungen oder Versorgungsstränge liegen.
A niche product in the literal sense, but a handy solution when pipework also runs through the niches: The TECEprofil panel kit ensures a stable toilet installation in tricky conditions.

Niche solution for the toilet

With the TECEprofil panel kit, sanitary modules can be quickly and easily installed in niches, as in the familiar example of guest toilets – even when downpipes or supply pipes lie behind them.

Sometimes, the rear wall does not provide a reliable base on which to mount a toilet module – although the side walls are solid. TECE has now developed an addition to the product range for this: a niche solution in the literal sense of the word. The telescopic mounting strut (shown in the drawing in red) is simply inserted on the TECEprofil module and screwed to the wall on the left and right. Next, the feet are fixed to the floor and the module sits firmly in the niche – entirely without a dry-wall construction supporting structure.

The TECEprofil panel kit fits in niches with a width of between 680 and 1130 millimetres, thanks to the variably extendable struts on both sides. Because it is fixed at the sides, there is no problem with drain pipes or ducts running along the wall. The sanitary module is simply set up in front of it and installed with no extra effort. For an easy way to place a sanitary installation in a niche.

It just takes four easy steps to install any module

TECEprofil Modul-Montage Aufsetzen der Modulfüße auf die untere Profi l strebe
1. Placement of module feet on the lower section brace


The special feature for 1-man assembly is the foot brake developed by TECE that eff ectively prevents module from slipping backwards.

The TECE module can be pulled up to the correct installation height with little force.

TECEprofil Modul-Montage Die Fußbremse verhin dert ein Zurück rutschen
2. The foot brake prevents slipping



The slotted profiles in the module frame enable the modules to be fixed to the supporting framework with corner joints.

TECEprofil Modul-Montage Schlitzprofile im Modulrahmen
3. Slotted profiles in the module frame


After the module feet have been locked, the module is permanently connected with the lower continuous section brace.

TECEprofil Modul-Montage Arretierung der Modulfüße
4. Locking the module feet