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TECE cistern

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TECE Universal cistern

TECE Uni cistern – Installation & Maintenance

Considered all important innovations right from the start

Vorhang auf für das Spültechnik-Upgrade 2021 des TECE Uni-Spülkastens

We are giving our TECE universal cistern an installation upgrade. You can find all the information about this update at the TECEprofil Module page.

The information you will find below is valid for the cistern until 2020.

Considered right from the start

Durch Austausch des im Ventilsitz befindlichen Drosselrings kann der Spüldruck auch im Nachhinein an den Bedarf jeder Keramik angepasst werden.

Flushing pressure adjustment, installation, maintenance: The Uni cistern impresses with the highest service friendliness at every working step.

Customised flushing pressure

The Uni cistern has maximum flexibility when it comes to flushing pressure: By replacing the throttle ring in the valve seating, the flushing pressure can also be adjusted to the needs of all ceramics in retrospect. This not only lets you sustainably throttle the flushing pressure, but also increase it effortlessly so the ceramic isn't rinsed too tentatively or too temperamentally.

Quick installation, relaxed maintenance

The large inspection opening on the Uni cistern provides maximum space for relaxed working. Cleverly defined function units and tool-free connections make the individual steps more efficient and reliable.

Der Uni-Spülkasten kommt vormontiert und versiegelt. So muss er während der Rohbauphase nur wasserseitig angeschlossen werden – das Öffnen ist erst während der Feininstallation nötig.

The Uni cistern comes pre-assembled and sealed. This means in the shell construction phase it just has to be connected to the water line – you only need to open it during fine installation.

Nach der Rohbauphase: Der Panzerschlauch wird mittels Verschraubung am Füllventil befestigt.

After the shell construction phase: The reinforced hose is attached by screwing it to the filling valve.

Die Schutzplatte ist eine kompakte Einheit, bestehend aus Spritzschutz, Hebelmechanik und Befestigung

The protective plate is a compact unit consisting of splash guard, lever mechanism and attachment.

Beim Austausch des Ventils müssen keine Einzelteile auseinandergebaut oder abgeknickt werden.

The maintenance as easy as the assembly: No individual parts need to be disassembled or broken off when swapping the valve – all parts are firmly connected to one another.

Die komplette Technikeinheit kann im Servicefall entnommen werden.

During servicing, the complete technical unit can be removed with lever mechanism, lid and attachment plate. All settings are retained.

Spare parts available for 25 years

TECE confirms that you can purchase spare parts for the continued functionality of a TECE concealed cistern up to 25 years from the manufacturer's date of sale.
Ablaufventil Uni-Spülkasten

Sound insulation included

Copied from jet planes: A chevron nozzle regulates the flow at the outlet of the optimised drain valve. This ensures stable flow conditions and lower sound levels without disruptive slurping noises.

Flexible setting

From 4.5 to 9 litres with one touch – the Uni cistern can do this too. Thanks to the slide control on the drain valve, it is especially easy to change the full flush volume to meet individual requirements. Good for the environment: Thanks to a real dual-flush system, the partial flush stays constant with a water-saving 3 litres.

Product Highlights

  • Universal cistern for every application and toilet ceramics
  • Water tank with 10 litre safety volume
  • Sealed tank doesn't have to be opened in shell construction
  • Variable dual-flush system
  • Flexible flushing pressure adjustment
  • Easy to install technology
  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN 14055
  • Low-noise hydraulic filling valve
  • Acoustic group 1 in accordance with DIN 4109 "Sound insulation in buildings"
  • Can be combined with all TECE flush plates

It fits!

The filling valve F 10 for standard flush-mounted and wall-mounted cisterns.

Das TECE Füllventil F 10 erfüllt nicht nur die Normen DIN EN 14124 und DIN 4109, sondern ist auch international getestet und zugelassen: nach WRAS durch die Kiwa.
The TECE filling valve F 10 not only meets the DIN EN 14124 and DIN 4109 standards, but is also internationally
tested and approved: to WRAS by Kiwa.

Easy, reliable, quiet

The TECE filling valve F 10 is a component of all TECE cisterns and impresses on several levels all at once: It
complies with the sound protection requirements of
acoustic group I and fills the cistern very quietly.

Comfortable, for the fitter, too: That's because the filling valve works just as reliably in almost all standard flush-mounted and
wall-mounted cisterns from other manufacturers. And it's also internationally approved.

Just add hygiene

Der Uni-Spülkasten kann mit einem Einwurfschacht für Reinigungstabs aufgerüstet werden.

To achieve added hygiene and cleanliness, the Uni cistern can be fitted with an insert chute for cleaning tablets. Remove the flush plate, turn, insert the tab – the path to new freshness is that easy.