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TECEdrainline - bodengleich

TECEdrainline – attractive without airs and graces

TECEdrainline - modular system

In the modular system, this optimum shower solution for any shower area combines quickly.

A simple equation provides the perfect showering place: A + B + C = finished shower channel!

A = channel
B = drain
C = cover

The shower channels

TECEdrainline-Evo Bestandteile der Rinne

TECEdrainline-Evo with factory fitted sealing sleeve in a closed protective construction cover

Quicker installation, greater reliability and reduced liability risks: this is what the latest generation of the TECEdrainline channel offers. Also available as a channel
for installation flush to the wall. Available in the nominal lengths 700 to 1,200 mm.

TECEdrainline Bestandteile

TECEdrainline with stainless steel flange and Seal System sealing tape

Tried and tested a million times: our first design shower channel with all the benefits from the industrial sector. Also available as a channel for installation flush with the wall and as a variant for natural stone.

Available in the nominal lengths 700 to 1,500 mm and can be ordered in special lengths.


Abläufe für TECEdrainline-Duschrinnen

Drains for TECEdrainline shower channels are available in four heights from 53 to 133 mm and as a vertical drain.

All drains can be freely combined with all TECEdrainline channels according to the necessary drainage capacity and available installation height.


Abdeckungen TECEdrainline

Design covers for TECEdrainline are available as a stainless steel design grate in various versions, made of glass as well as supports for tiles and natural stone.

You can find all designs, lengths, surfaces, etc. in our TECE product database.


Maße der TECEdrainline

All TECEdrainline design covers can be combined with all TECEdrainline channels and are available in the lengths Type 700 to 1,500 mm.

TECEdrainline channel und cover for natural stone are delivered as a set.