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TECEprofil Installationswand

TECEsystem – system construction, brand TECE

TECEsystem – our package: added value for architects and MEP planner

Sanitary installations - so simple in practice

Aufstellen, fixieren, verbinden: fertig! An alles gedacht, schnell und normgerecht installiert, sicher im Zeit- und Kostenplan. Es kann so einfach sein.

Position, attach, connect: done! Everything considered, installed quickly and standard-compliance, safely on schedule and on budget.

It can be so easy.

Controlled prefabrication

In principle, the entire pipework for all media, as well as shut-off devices, water meters, fan boxes, sound-proofing elements and formwork for the ceiling penetration sealing system are all integrated into the finished TECEsystem walls.

With this controlled industrial prefabrication we also significantly reduce the risk of making mistakes at the building site.


Sanitary wall as room dividers in dry-wall construction

Sanitärwand mit als Raumtrennwand in Trockenbauweise mit TECEsystem

Space gain: sanitary walls as room dividers are generally installed between two bathrooms. The sanitary technology for both bathrooms as well as the rising pipes are installed in this partition wall.

The big advantage: you can save between 10 and 15 cm of construction space per bathroom. Depending on the number of bathrooms, you can even end up with an additional bedroom in a hotel.

Room dividing walls must naturally fulfil sound insulation and fire protection requirements. In order to be able to assume responsibility with tested components here, we offer this version of the sanitary wall solely as a factory-piped version in combination with blown-in insulation.

Sanitary wall as a pre-wall
in front of a solid or dry wall

Whether as a half-height sanitary wall with toilet and washstand module or with a shaft, as a room-height pre-wall or in a T-shape for room division: TECEsystem offers lots of possibilities. The degree of prefabrication ranges from unpiped supporting framework with sanitary modules to fully equipped
system wall with all pipes, insulation, fresh water station or underfloor
heating manifold.

Advantages in detail

You can tell if a system is well-thought out by whether the details match up

TECE has been active in system construction for over 20 years. Our experts visit construction sites every day, speaking to fi tters, architects and planners. Our customers tell us about their experiences with system walls and always have good ideas for improvements to the details. We implement these needs in our product development. After all, satisfied customers who like working with TECEsystem are the basis of our success.

Registerbau mit TECEsystem profitiert von intelligenten Details, die auf der Baustelle echten Mehrwert bieten.
1 Metre tear

TECEsystem sanitary walls are produced to a metre tear. This means segments can be easily arranged and adjusted at the assembly site.

2 Register feet

The prefabricated sanitary wall can be assembled by one person. The practical telescopic feet help here with a height adjustment of up to 25 cm. The feet also provide sufficient assembly freedom for the waste water piping.

Potable water hygiene

TECE Hygienebox

The high hygiene standard of potable water based on the Potable Water Ordinance means high requirements need to be met in the planning, installation and operation of potable water systems.

Using high-quality and coordinated TECEsystem components, TECE meets the applicable standards and provisions for potable water quality. The TECE project team helps here to select the system and offers technical planning support.

3 Lost boarding

The lost boarding guarantees reliable filling of the ceiling penetrations. This complies with the provisions for sound insulation and fire protection. The telescopic ceiling connection offers 15 cm of assembly clearance.

4 Sound insulation

All components are sound-insulated. Screwed components can still be adjusted on site.

Blown-in insulation technology

Die gewerke- und schnittstellenübergreifende TECE-Systemlösung mit der maschinellen Einblasdämmtechnik verbindet die Anforderungen aus Brandschutz, Schallschutz und Trinkwasserhygiene zu einem werkseitig vorgefertigten Funktionsbauteil.

Spanning across trades and interfaces, the TECE system solution with machined blown-in insulation technology combines the requirements of fire protection, sound insulation and potable water hygiene into a factory prefabricated function component. We can thereby significantly reduce the risk of construction faults, simplify construction law acceptances and optimise the entire construction process for your project.

In the best case scenario, we can design room dividing walls thinner than normal using blown-in insulation and thus save construction space. In a hotel with 20 rooms per floor this can result in space for a whole new room!