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Wenn der Meister selbst baut

This is how the master himself builds

In Berlin there is a detached house of a special kind: a bungalow in atrium building style, with an almost windowless external facade. Daylight only penetrates through the glazed walls in the interior courtyard. Apart from the impressive architecture, the building also convinces with its fitting-out in terms of sustainability and barrier freedom. Heating, pre-wall technology, sanitation, and piping systems are from TECE.

TECEnews Q2 - Wenn der Meister selbst baut

Four years of planning, and a good year's construction time have gone into the building. 150 square metres of living space and a 50-square-metre atrium. The house owner is the sanitary, heating, and air-conditioning master technician, Stefan Lucke, who also carried out the installation work with his own hands, and who is now a happy resident of the house. The surface heating in the bungalow is TECEfloor.

TECEnews Q2 - Wenn der Meister selbst baut

The underfloor heating is supported by an environmentally-friendly concrete core activation in the solid ceiling. Water circulates through the TECEfloor Silver Line Quality heating piping which is installed, which collects or releases heat from the ceiling, depending on the temperature. The great advantage in summer: Thanks to the cooling effect, an expensive energy-consuming air-conditioning system is not required. At night the piping releases the heat into the ground, preventing the building from heating up too strongly. When there are colder temperatures outside, the water from the buffer storage warms up the ceiling – comfortable warmth radiates into the rooms.

TECEnews Q2 - Wenn der Meister selbst baut

Stefan Lucke has great confidence on TECE in the bathroom, too. 'As a self-employed installer, I have been convinced of the quality of TECEprofil for a long time. The installation is easy to carry out, saves valuable construction time.' The dry wall bearing construction of zinc-coated steel profile tubing offers a statically secure hold for the washbasin and toilet, without the need for dirt-intensive and exhausting chiselling open and plastering of the solid wall.

TECEnews Q2 - Wenn der Meister selbst baut
TECElux - WC-Terminal

For the toilet Lucke decided on the standard TECEprofil toilet module with integrated dual flush cistern. The water-saving dual volume dual flush technology is actuated using the real glass actuator TECEloop. Minimalist and functional in structure, the flush-fitting plate merges elegantly into the architecture. The guest toilet features the multifunctional TECElux 400 toilet terminal. The fully-equipped completion unit conceals all kinds of technology in the pre-wall: the economical dual flush cistern with a chute for cleaning tablets, an air filter system, and the electronics for the contactless actuation – accessible through an inspection opening which is hidden by the safety glass plate, which can be lifted up. A built-in approach sensor recognises when someone approaches the toilet, and activates the illumination of the dual flush actuator which shines through the glass.

The tiles lead seamlessly through the whole bathroom, without threshold and steps, right to the TECEdrainline shower channel installed next to the wall. Here cushioning elements provide additional safety underfoot, ensuring that the white safety glass cover sits securely, continuing the TECElux design concept in the shower.

Stefan Lucke has been living in his new home for about a year.
'I am sure I will be living here for the next 50 years,' laughs the master technician.