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4 star hotel "Looken Inn"

Looken Inn Hotel
Germany , Lingen

Hotel construction: One register for two rooms

In the town of Lingen in Lower Saxony, the "Looken Inn" is being constructed, a modern 4-star hotel with 104 rooms, a restaurant area and a wellness area. All of the housing technology implemented comes entirely from TECE: Alongside prefabricated wall modules, toilet flush plates and a floor heating system, two grease separators are also being used here. The planning for the guest bathrooms shows the potential for cost optimisation hidden in the prefabrication.

The industrial prefabrication of the pre-walls offers a multitude of identically constructed bathrooms for a project such as this. This speeds up the construction process and reduces the costs of individual installation on site. For the "Looken Inn", TECE manufactured and supplied pre-wall registers for a total of 102 bathrooms. Of these, 41 registers conceal the technology for two adjoining bathrooms. Alongside supply and disposal pipes, this also includes toilet and washstand modules. Later, a dry-wall will separate the two guest bathrooms down the middle of the register - the guest won't notice anything about the twin register but the builders will because doing two at the same time of course makes more sense and also saves on effort during assembly.

In the hotel, a total of 108 TECEnow toilet actuation plates are situated on the toilet modules' universal cisterns. With its flat design and straight edges, the flush integrates seamlessly into the bathroom architecture. Moving to the hotel restaurant's 10 toilets, the operator has chosen to go with the TECEsquare II stainless steel actuation plate. Clearly structured and only three millimetres thick, the plate looks particularly elegant and is highly suitable for representative half-open areas.

Technology comes from TECE

To make the guests' stay as comfortable as possible, the hotel lobby is heated via floor heating to emit a pleasant radiant warmth. The TECEfloor complete heating system is at work here. The great advantage for operators and the fitters from Kronemeyer GmbH: Compared to assembling individual components from various manufacturers, the system is tailored and guarantees maximum safety in terms of sound insulation, tightness and control - and optimum warranty rights should the worst happen.

In addition to the hotel restaurant, the restaurant area also contains a separate steakhouse. In order to separate fats and oils from the resulting wastewater from both kitchens as required by law, two TECEsepa S grease separators have been installed in the basement of the building each equipped with one lifting unit. Both come with fully automates cleaning packs that ensure the comfortable and problem-free operation of the systems without the need for any specialist knowledge.

Looken Inn Gästebad
In a finished guest bathroom, a tiled prewall separates the toilet from the shower area.
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